March 27, 2010


It's Sasha's Birthday!!!!! Please join me to wish him a happy birthday. It was really yesterday but we are celebrating with the family today! This picture is an oldie but goodie! Is he not handsome?

Ben is 19 weeks old!

Ben is 19 weeks! We have made some progress this week! We are starting to have a desire to sit up and we are trying to sit up constantly! Ben reaches his hands out for help to get him up and he wants to sit up with your help! Kind of funny to watch!

March 20, 2010

Ben is 18 weeks old! Whew!

He is getting so big!

March 14, 2010

To my sister!

Just remember, brighter days are ahead! We love you and Sasha, ALWAYS!

March 12, 2010

March 06, 2010

Hello! Hello! Can you hear me now?

Ben spent a lot of time on Friday morning on his cell phone. I don't know who he was talking to but he told me it was top secret and to stay out of it! So, I am!

My 4 month old Birthday Picture!

On March 4th, I turned 4 months old...Practically an old man! I have a girlfriend at day care, her name is Kindra.

I had to go to daycare on my birthday but mom snapped 1 picture of me before I went to see my teacher, Miss Eva. Enjoy!

4 Month Measurements. 13.6 lb and 24 inches long!

March 01, 2010

Ben is 16 weeks old!

We are 16 weeks old now! Can you believe it? On March 4th we are going to celebrate our 4 month birthday! Nothing special is planned, just a nice evening at home, after I teach.

Ben started cereal on Sunday afternoon, our choice was to start on Rice, so far so good. He seems to really like it.