June 28, 2007

hmmmmmm.....i could have spent all my money today, but i didn't and that my friends is some will power!

Well, I had somewhat of an eventful day! In one day I went from Forney to Rockwall to Arlington to Grand Prairie to Highland Park to Dallas and
then back to Rockwall and then back to Forney. Needless to say I do not feel like driving anymore! I went into a Chanel store today to poke around, and I mean poke around. So I was waiting on a client and it was in the Highland Park Village! Enuff said! Did I mention I did all that driving in pouring down rain? :)

I am actually looking forward to this weekend, maybe I can get a little bit of sleep that is not interrupted....I have not been sleeping well lateley either because of restless dogs or cat or my virus is still here, and that wakes me up from time to time.

Other than that, all is well. City of Forney has lifted the water restrictions to a degree. We can now water 2 days a week and use a hose to wash our cars....Oh yes, I just remembered, that is what I need to do this weekend....
1)wash car or cars
2)clean inside of car or cars
3)wash big dog, if he lets me....

I bathed Beans last night and she just sat there, she loves warm water, that dog is crazy....she even let me clean her ears with QTips... Sam, however thinks that rain water is the same as taking a bath...Boy, he is about to get a taste of reality!

June 27, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain!

Seriously, I think we are all just going to float away pretty soon! How long will it rain?
Just as I saw some sunshine today, which lasted approximately 2 minutes, it was quickly taken away from me.. :(

I love rain and we need the rain but after a month of nonstop rain (just about) I am getting a bit jumpy and snappy lately with a side order of one of my famous 'fantabulous' moods. :( Seriously, let's get some sunshine!

But, work is busy, what more can I ask for...My days are filled with email writing and quote generation....When you are in sales, that is music to our ears! :)
Since we can't get any sunshine on our own, I thought I would help you guys out and so I've hired my friend Mr. Sun! He is here to work!

Well, I better get back to work and stay busy! I hope everyone is having a good day!

June 26, 2007

and now i am sick.....

Yep, I think I have a cold! :(

I barely made it through work yesterday and when I got home, I felt even worse..between body aches and migranes...well....needless to say I was not in one of my best moods! I went to sleep around 7:30pm and woke up around 6:30am...Yes people, that is a lot of sleep that did not even help me any! I still feel like I have a cold..YUK!

On a lighter note...all seems to be well...Dave is doing well. Right now he is taking a 4 day long class in Fort Worth (for work)....and he has one more class to attend in July that is in Austin. This one will last 2 weeks long.

My fathers bday was yestereday! Happy Birthday to him again!

My dogs are doing great! Sam and Beans have adjusted to one another and are doing well, however, Elvis the cat wants to have nothing to do with Sam the dog.....we are working on that right now!

have a blessed day everyone!
Olga Foster

June 24, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

We had another fabulous weekend! Dave got to see all his family & friends! :)
Besides the fact that we did complete our bathroom project, pictures to come at a later time,
we also celebrated David's belated birthday in a big way.

People came, people ate, people partied! Fun times! A great weekend overall!

Tonight we went and saw a movie, Evan Almighty, which by the way, I highly recommend and
it is a great family movie without ANY questionable scenes.

Finis stayed the night with us which was exciting since I have not gotten to see him much in the last year! Thanks Finis!

June 22, 2007

Oy! so tired!

Sooooooooooo tired today!

6 hours of sleep don't exactly give me beauty rest or spark up my mood..I am as groggy as they come today! Well, the bathroom is 90% finished. Carlos was so kind to come last night again to put up crown molding in the bathroom...Ultimately, all that is left is to caulk a few areas, paint the crown molding where the nails show, scrub the bathtub and to decorate the bathroom a bit....I am so glad this is almost done....Home remodeling projects are not only tiring, but they are really confusing and frusturating when you have never done them.

But, Carlos was not the only person who helped us out yesterday..Dave's dad came over yest and spend the majority of the day working on plumbing in the bathroom, hanging mirror and medicine cabinet and helping with various home projects that I hung over Dave's head in the last few months....A big thanks to him as well! :)

Saturday's party is coming along well. I will be going to the store to get the necessities....food!
After I clean the house tonight and bathe the dogs, I think I will be mostly done and probably in a better mood! :)

For those of you who are coming to the house this weekend, I promise that we will mowe our yard b/c if we don't, you might not be able to find the house! J/K.....

Have a wonderful day everyone, Remember it is a Friday and weekend is only a day away!

June 21, 2007

A walk to remember.......for Sam!

Had a great evening last night. After work, David and I picked up the vanity from Lowes and all the pertinent accessories such as crown molding, baseboards and siding....Very exciting...We finished painting and we brought in the vanity. It looks beautiful! Dave has done so much yesterday! Stanley (my father in law) is coming today to help Dave out with plumbing and general help!

On a different note, Sam had his first walk yesterday. We went over to Jody's to sit out in front of their garage. We sat around with Jaime, Mike, Kelly, Jody and the kiddos for about a couple of hours....We had 3 kiddos running around us and 5 dogs (Jasmine, Winston (the gay boston terrier), Beans, Sam and Mr. Miagi who has no beginning or end. It is so funny to watch the dogs interact but Sam was a good dog, he was calm and interactive with other doggies...He did get upset with Winston a few times b/c Winston took a particular liking to his new male friend Sam! :) We have come to a conclusion that Winston deserves a rainbow collar! :)

Monica came and joined us for a while so we went back home to sit out in our backyard... yay for fun! Monica gave Dave and the other 2 troopers that went to Crandall ISD yesterday, a framed pictures of them with the kiddos...So sweet!

That is about it folks! I am out of news! Maybe some more juice tomorrow! Have a wonderful day!


June 20, 2007

Sam's Pictures!

Our new addition to the family, Sam Foster!
18 inches long, 32.2 lb, big floppy ears!


Had a great day yesterday. Celebrated Dave's B-Day by trying out a new Chinese Place in Mesquite... We are saving all the celebratin' and the partyin' for Saturday when we have more time!

Several of you asked me about the dogs and the cat...Both Beans and Sam are doing great but surprisingly as laid back as my cat is, he is not thrilled about having Sam around... Right now there is a lot of hissing and fighting going on and Elvis is staying in the mother-in-law suite and Sam is roaming the house with Beans....They (dogs) start to play around bed time, there is alot of chasing going on...Sam is a great dog and he is definately affectionate...If you are sitting on the couch, he wants to sit with you and put his head on your lap and he loves his belly rubs, just like Beans... The difficult part is making sure Beans still gets the same amount of attention as always because she will always be my #1.

Tonight, both dogs will get a bath. Beans loves her baths but not sure about Sam, we are going to attempt the hose in the backyard scenario and just cross our fingers.

David is doing great...He is now the big 25! He went to Crandall today to speak to a middle school about his job and to show them the car...How exciting!

June 19, 2007

Fathers Day!

I hope everyone had a fabulous fathers day! Our was great....We got to see my family, they came for lunch, which I cooked! I made some mashed potatoes, sweet corn, biscuits and rotissiere style chicken with giant strawberries for desert... We did not get to spend a whole lot of time together but the time that we did was precious! Here is a pic!


Wanted to wish David a very Happy Birthday! He is going to turn 25 later on today!
He got one of his gifts early, he got a dog. We brought Sam home last night, he is a 1/2 beagle and 1/2 bassett hound.....32lb and 18 inches long..... I will post some pictures of Sam later on today!


June 16, 2007


AHHHHHHH, the progress has been made! Today, Carlos and Monyka and Ryan came
over to help with the tile....and sure enough they did.....

Dave had all the old tile picked up and floors scraped cleaned down to the foundation. When Carlos came over, it was then just tile cutting and laying....not too bad... the boys worked hard....
and the girls sat around the house.....entertaining each other.....

Dave and I went to Lowes on his lunch break and bought the vanity, which we are picking up Monday after work.....Tomorrow I will be painting the walls, additing baseboards and adding border to the bathroom and ofcourse, the grout is also mine to work on! :)

I took a couple of pictures of the before and after...The before is me and Carlos looking at the bucket of thinsetter before beginning the work and after is the finished product, thanks Carlos....

Well, now that I am officially worn out, I must go prepare my house for tomorrows visitors..

Have a wonderful day everyone,

June 15, 2007


Nothing New is going on!

Yesterday, I went to visit a client of mine and he showed me about 2000 photos of his Alaskan cruise (he took his wife and his grandson) and now I have a really big itch to go to Alaska. He did it in a very interesting way...Rented a motor home and drove from Dallas to Alaska, when he got to Alaska, he turned in the motor home and rented a car and went everywhere else and then flew back to Dallas...

Alaska is a beautiful land and very interesting...Did you know that in Alaska, there are 4 language groups and in those 4 groups, there are 21 'different' languages'.....It all depends on which area of Alaska you live in...and no, I am not referring to an accent.....I am talking about a whole another 'tongue'.....

I hope that one day, all the family can go on an Alaskan cruise....I have particular interest in Alaska since it belonged to Russia until 1867...US bought the entire state of Alaska for a little over $7 million bucks.............

Well, enough dreamin', I suppose I better get back to work and answer some emails....I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday...

I love you all,

Olga Foster

June 14, 2007

Where is my pool?

Had a lovely day yesterday...

Got to see my grandmother and my sister, and the Baby ofcourse! The baby is getting really big and he has got the most beautiful big blue eyes. They are literally a royal blue color. How neat!

Instead of going home after work, I went to see Dave at the station with Kelly & the kids (trooper's wife who lives a couple of streets over). She got us a giant KFC Family bucket of chicken and the trimmins. It was mighty good! Hung around the station for a while watching the kids play with the wierdest things, such as water coolers, cups and chairs...Kids are so creative!

We then went home...Before making it to the house, I went to another neighbors house to find out what happened at the Home Owners Association Meeting that I mistakenly missed. It looks like our pool (that was promised to us to be ready by June 1) will not be ready until end of August.....No offense, but isn't it kind of stupid? The swimming season will be almost over and school will already begin.....we don't really need a pool then!

They used the excuse of not being able to fill the pool with water b/c of drought.....that is a bunch of lies...... :( All they had to do was to get a permit from the city.....I am slightly disappointed, I was looking forward to having a pool this summer without having one in my backyard.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great day!

June 13, 2007

Finishing Up!

Well, the bathroom project is moving along....Dave & I picked out some tile at Lowe's last night,
it is purrrrrty! It is very glossy as opposed to what we have right now....
I hope that the tile guy comes in friday morning and finishes it so I can finish some loose ends (i.e. some left paint jobs and trim)

Had a lovely evening last night with the neighbors. We met the last 2 neighbors that we wanted to meet and they were super nice, just like the rest of them! They also have a little dog with a 'little dog syndrome' so Beans and Chico will be fast friends and they are the same size and are both ADD. :)

I have officially labeled the kitchen pantry with labels and as to where David needs to place things in there, he pretty much thought I was nuts but he is with the program! I think he officially thinks that I am obsessive compulsive!

Well, have a good one everyone! Stay out of the heat! It should be another 95F day! :(

June 11, 2007

Howdy All!

Well, we have survived the weekend! The weekend has been busy but fun at the same time.

Besides the fact that I got to sleep in a little bit on Sunday, we also got to see some friends that we have not seen in a little bit. Monyka & Ryan came to visit last night and we had a lovely dinner....and they even baked pop-overs....Yep, it is hard to believe that my married, little Monyka is a cook, but i got proof...

We decided to go old-school and we pulled out the Old Nintendo and Super Nintendo and pretty much consumed the rest of the night playing Mario Bros. and MarioCart....

For those who are not familiar with that game, it is super fun! Me, being a sore loser that I am, I played very well last night and did not even have to go into time-out or shed any tears...I beat Monyka, but my behind got whooped by Ryan and his terrific MarioCart Skills.....

June 09, 2007


Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well...

We are having a good weekend, trying to catch up on sleep, get over a stomach virus,
working on the bathroom project and trying to keep up with side jobs...the usual...

However, we have hired some help with the bathroom project (a Plumber) and a computer helper to
ease our lives....I have taken a few pictures of him while he was hard at work... :) Please see very top!
Since I did not do anything I wanted to do on Friday (except for laundry) I am going to do that tonight...again, while dave is gone to work so he won't be able to mess up the cleaned areas... :)
On another note, I just wanted to make it public that I can not wait until Chick-Fil-A opens in Forney....they are so close....I can almost smell and reach their food but....it looks like it may be a couple more weeks of torture...
Have a wonderful evening everyone!
Love you all
Dave & Olga

June 08, 2007

I am sick!

Well, I am not much of blogger today! I am sick!

I officially have a stomach virus, I diagnosed myself! :)

Tonight is house cleaning, laundry doing, grocery shopping

kind of a night...I hope to get everything done tonight so
I don't even have to lift a finger this weekend except on our

bathroom project.

I wanted to include the latest picture of my nephew who is about

2 1/2 months old...He is so cute! He had his vaccinations yesterday

and is not doing all that well! :(

June 07, 2007

A lovely Dinner!

Had a lovely evening with friends Monica and Mark last night....
David and I were invited to have dinner with them and we got to check out
their new home! Which is fabulous!

Monica made us some meatloaf which was outstanding.......and Dave got to take
an hour lunch break and come eat it with us, but his trip to Monica's was short lived,
he went back before all the fun started....

I got to meet the coolest dogs ever.... See pictures... Playful yet very trained dogs...
and did I mention they are the most lovable things ever...

I got home to only be met by Beans and her very keen sense of smell....she would not
let me out of her sight for the rest of the night.....needless to say I felt a cold nose all over
my body yesterday...i think she smelled and inspected justs about every inch...she then got tired and went to bed, next to me!

June 06, 2007

Picnic Table

Picnic Table Before and After Shots!

Howdy All,

Well, as promised here are the pictures of our new picnic table...

It still needs a couple of things such as a coat of laquer or two and

I am going to purchase some cushions for it (for our delicate bottoms).

This is a pretty big table, it will seat at least 8 in my opinion.....


June 04, 2007

Bathroom Plans!

Well, we were walking around Lowe's tonight looking for wood sealer and a new mirror for the hall bath to only end up deciding to rip out all the bathroom vanity furniture and invest into

something we both truly like.

It will begin by ripping out the disgusting cheap tile that the house already had and replace with vinyl. I know it seems backwards but if you would see the quality of tile and workmanship, you would understand....

We will then take out the standard large mirror and replace it with a decorative white finish mirror and matching vanity....See pictures....

We will also repaint the bathroom light lavender, which Dave and I both really like...and ofcourse, there will be white border to go with it.....
Well, good night everyone!

June 03, 2007

Just a Sunday!

Just another Sunday! Got up, took a shower, made french toast, watched the rain, ironed Dave's uniforms, went back to sleep with Dave and the pets, got up, went to work! :)

We are going to start our home improvement project tonight...We have 3 bathrooms that need a paint job and just some updating....We are going to start with the hall bath and take the cabinet off the wall....It is so out of place! :(

I believe we are going to paint it lavender with a chrome finish (bathroom etagere, towel hangers and etc.) We'll See!

Speaking of home improvements, David is going to start on the picnic table either today or tomorrow...Definately more pictures coming up soon!

June 02, 2007

Hammock Chairs!

Not much is going on today! Last night Dave installed our fabulous hammock chairs

from Bass Pro! We have placed them in the backyard under the covered patio! They are big fun!

Check 'em out! Even Beans likes it! And, we all know, we are here to please Beans!

June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Derek!

Wanted to wish Derek a very happy birthday!

He is a big boy today!

Not much has happened since last night except that David's wreck from

a couple of days ago did turn into a fatal yesterday morning when the little

girl died at Childrens!

I am going to be shopping for hammock chairs at Bass Bro today, I am

excited, I hope I find what I am looking for! Cross my fingers!