June 13, 2007

Finishing Up!

Well, the bathroom project is moving along....Dave & I picked out some tile at Lowe's last night,
it is purrrrrty! It is very glossy as opposed to what we have right now....
I hope that the tile guy comes in friday morning and finishes it so I can finish some loose ends (i.e. some left paint jobs and trim)

Had a lovely evening last night with the neighbors. We met the last 2 neighbors that we wanted to meet and they were super nice, just like the rest of them! They also have a little dog with a 'little dog syndrome' so Beans and Chico will be fast friends and they are the same size and are both ADD. :)

I have officially labeled the kitchen pantry with labels and as to where David needs to place things in there, he pretty much thought I was nuts but he is with the program! I think he officially thinks that I am obsessive compulsive!

Well, have a good one everyone! Stay out of the heat! It should be another 95F day! :(


Susan said...

you are officially OC/AR!!! and i thought i was bad?!

Sharla said...

I hope John doesn't get ahold of the pantry-labeling idea...

I have enjoyed reading your blog entries. I can't wait to see everything you have done to your house.