February 29, 2008

Kilauea Volcano

I found this very interesting this morning....don't be lazy, read the article below.


David and I got to see this volcano in action when we were on our honeymoon (courtesy of my parents). We saw it very late at night, around 11pm when she ship did the 360 degree turn so everyone could see and smell the lava...To give you a comparison, it sounds like throwing a piece of button on a hot skillet.

What is leap year?

What's the deal with Feb. 29? It's pretty basic. The pattern of our lives depends on it: The current calendar needs the extra hours to stay aligned with Earth's orbit. Otherwise, we'd have winter in July — in about 10,000 years.

February 27, 2008

There are nice people....

Got to witness something rare this morning....Before leaving Forney I was sitting at the stop light waiting on the train...there was a little girl who got a flat and was trying to change the tire but had trouble....a random AT&T van pulled up with a young man in it who just came out, asked her if she needed help and started to help her....So, nice people are not yet extinct.....that gives me warm and fuzzies......

Have a good day everyone!

Remember, it is always better to give than to receive.....

February 26, 2008

If anyone......

If anyone knows anything about VoIP over MPLS, hit me back or I am fixing to loose my mind.....

February 23, 2008

Painting classes!

So, I've been going to painting classes....they are alot of fun and my Friend Monica
goes with me...we keep each other company and point out to each other where we have paint on our faces...lips...noses...and etc...haha! We pretty much come out pretty dirty out of the class. These are oil paints and they are not the easiest to work with in the sense of cleanliness....So, 2 painting classes down....here is my progress.


Mediterranean villas

Moon over Maui

February 20, 2008


So, for those of you who missed it or just could not see it because of the cloud cover, I was able to snap a couple of descent pics, nothing fancy. Enjoy!

February 18, 2008

Productive Monday!

It may be President's Day but work in Foster Household never ends.

1. Dental Cleaning - Check
2. Taxes - Check
3. Tomatoes sprouting on time - Check
4. Req Route for work - Check

What more can I ask for....I fully productive day.

Tomorrow, Dave is going to Austin until Friday for inservice which means I will be my lonsome but I am sure productive.

Love you all

February 17, 2008

February 16, 2008

Sucky Weather!

I thought I would be able to enjoy outside this weekend but clearly not...That just reminds me that I have plenty of "work" work to do this weekend and should just get over it...

Dave went to work this morning and I started to clean the house...The typical Saturday chores of house cleaning, laundry, ironing and etc.

Tonight Monica and I are having a spa night at my house. She is inviting her kiddos from her class and their moms for a night out, it should be a ton of fun, i can't wait. Sunday will be very busy with work. I am learning a ton of information daily and it is difficult to retain these enormous amounts of info without having to work hard on it. :( But the job is awesome and I can't complain.

Sunday is also the official 'tax' day. I ran the numbers through Turbo Tax once but Sunday I will officially complete the paper work and e-file. Looking forward to not only my return but also my Mr. Bush is boosting the economy check.

Monday I will be heading over to my sister's for a dental appointment, just a routine check up....If it is time for you to get your teeth cleaned, be sure to call my sister! :)

That is it...Back to the house chores....Big Fun!

Love you all,

February 09, 2008


It has been a very productive Saturday and the good thing is that it is not yet over.

Got up at 8 and ran over to Rockwall and changed my car out from a Pot Cruiser to an 08 Impala...It's a bit better and now I don't have to smell like drugs when I come to work.

Dave and I made some much needed improvements in the garage that we talked about doing a while but never had the time or the will. We picked up some shelving units for our garage and are starting to assemble them and put things away (in a nice manner). The floors are starting to look really nice and things are literally disappearing. We love it.

I too was productive. I made vegetable/chicken soup this morning, baked some bread, did all laundry and ironed clothes....Ha and it is barely 4pm. Go Me!
Now the dirty house keeps staring at me saying, "Olga, please clean me"!

I will update you later on the progress! :)

Love you all,

February 05, 2008

Car Update

Car is fixed....which is good news. Got Recertified by VW mechanics.
Tonight it went into the paint shop to get beautified...and probably
on Thursday it will be reassembled and detailed for a brand new look.
All damage was cosmetic but it took a while to get the parts, so, what does that mean?
It means I will be out of the Pot Mobile shortly...Only about 1 week of misery and
I can have my butt warmers, my satellite radio and my much needed GPS back.

That is all,
I thought I would give people an update....Enjoy a random picture of Dave!

February 04, 2008

Stayin' Busy!

Yep, that is me, busy little bee!

I have been busy learning and working. Good Stuff!

Went to Canton this weekend with family and friends to check out the goodies. Found us a great lamp that is made out of antlers (check out my sisters blog for a pic) and little decorations to go into our western room. Now all I am missing is a bed spread for the new bed.

Sunday was another great day. My sister came over with baby and granny to visit us. Dave made us a big great porkchop and we hung out. The baby is able to stand on his two little feet for like 5 seconds....so proud!

Sunday we went to watch the Superbowl and Steve and Kelli's. Had fun eating 33lb of crawfish with hot potatoes and corn. Yum Yum....I think I literally inhaled about 10,000 calories in one day. :)
Oh well! It was for the Giants....By the way, Go Giants. What a great game, especially the last 2 minutes. I don't agree with Eli Manning getting the MVP but it's all in good fun...


February 03, 2008



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