February 05, 2008

Car Update

Car is fixed....which is good news. Got Recertified by VW mechanics.
Tonight it went into the paint shop to get beautified...and probably
on Thursday it will be reassembled and detailed for a brand new look.
All damage was cosmetic but it took a while to get the parts, so, what does that mean?
It means I will be out of the Pot Mobile shortly...Only about 1 week of misery and
I can have my butt warmers, my satellite radio and my much needed GPS back.

That is all,
I thought I would give people an update....Enjoy a random picture of Dave!


Laura said...

that is a random pic. I'm glad that you're getting your car soon!


my car is ready too, but I did not go get it yet.
They called me on Friday at 5pm to pick it up.
Too far. On Saturday, today, we were helping Thomases move in. Check out my blog and the videos of Sasha.