August 26, 2010

A new toy!

Thank you to Sasha who gave one of his toys to Ben the other day. As you can see it is Bulldozer! Thank you for Grandma for bringing all the way from Carrollton so Ben can enjoy his new "ride"!

As you can see Ben absolutely loves to ride in it!

August 22, 2010

Our first trip to the Pool at Travis Ranch

Monica and I took Boo to a swimming pool! His 1st time! We have been trying to take him to the pool for a month but our schedules just have not worked out. It was really nice because the pool was not busy at all and Ben truly enjoyed his time swimming and splashing. Our plan is to go back tomorrow (Monday) and again on Wed and Thursday with daddy when he comes home for a short break.

Doctor update

I took Ben to the doctor and he is doing GREEEAT!

Here are some stats...

Weight is 21 lb (45%)
Height: 28 inches, grew by 2 inches since last Dr visit with teething (3 weeks ago) (25%)
Head: 18 inches (45%)

Doing great!

We are going to begin introducing cow milk in a week or so. We do have orders to get off the bottle by 1 and to move on to cow mil by 1 years old. Yippe!

Ben is doing great eating everything under the sun. There are only few things that the Dr does not want to us to eat just yet: Peanuts, Seafood, Grapes, Eggs, Hotdogs and limited sugar (very limited).

Today for lunch we are going to have grilled cheese sandwich and some veggies.

That's it!

August 21, 2010

August 18, 2010

Playing with Dad

We are 9 1/2 months old now and boy have we made progress!!!!

We now eat all kinds of foods like chicken nuggets, soy beans, Ritz crackers, Gold Fish, Mac-n-Cheese and all kinds of other goodies. Ben loves to try new foods, especially different textures.

Daycare is going great. He is now at a Montessori (same daycare that was purchased). We really like it and love our teacher who spoil Ben absolutely rotten.

We now get a real menu at daycare and we have to circle things we want Ben to eat this week. Today Ben had chicken spaghetti, peaches, green beans, yogurt and Gold Fish. When Ben got home he had Honey Baked Chicken Tenders, soy beans and a big juicy bottle.

We have teeth, on top and on bottom, so watch out world...Here I chew!