November 28, 2007


Yep, I am officially an Avon Rep. So, if you need some things or looking for Christmas gifts, I will be very happy to sell it to you.

Other than that, not much is going on. This week has been busy eating leftovers, hanging up lights outside, trying to save the Christmas trees from all the critters and some other questionable things we've been doing.

Tonight is wednesday night, which means our Wedn. night date with the Cox's. Tonight is also the last episode of Pushing Daisies, now monica and I will have to find something else to watch.

Saturday I will be going to Canton. Whooppeeeee! for me!!!

That is all the news!

Love you all,

November 26, 2007

For everyone's Enjoyment!

Since we are all not thrilled about going back to work today, on this cold monday,
I thought I would try to cheer people up...This girl actually did this for a beauty peagant. Did she learn to play the trumpet this morning because she forgot her pom poms?

November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

So far my Thanksgiving Break has been wonderful.
On Thursday, Dave and I cooked for my family. Ham, green bean casserole, cherry pie,stuffing, mashed potatoes and other fixins were on the menu.

Friday night we went to have Thanksgiving with the inlaws which was also very nice.
It is a particularly special day since my MIL's birthday is only a couple of days away so we got to give her a gift.

Saturday has been a good day for me. I slept, I watched TV (multiple movies) and then went to my friend Monica's house to help her decorate the tree (I was useless, I watched her do it since she looked like she knew what she was doing). We then hit the mall and hung out. Zales was one of our stops since I needed to get our wedding rings cleaned and so did Monica. Then we went to Garden Ridge and I bought Christmas Decor for the tree. This year it will be gold and marroon decor with white lights....Also got lights for the house so when it is a bit warmer next week, Dave can put the lights up and make the house purrrrty!

That is it...I am going to try to decorate the tree tomorrow if I can get it and if not, sometime next week. I will post a picture of the final product.

Love you all,

Thanks Monica for being a bum with me! :)

November 21, 2007

Gettin' Ready!

So, I am getting ready for my first Thanksgiving meal that Dave and I will be preparing for family. We are probably going to cook ham and/or turkey breast. I am not in the mood to cook turkey plus I have a million things to do right now.

We are going to complete our grocery list today and clean up the house. Our new dishwasher is here and Dave is working on it. It is pretty fancy. You can wash the top rack and the bottom rack separately.

I think green bean casserole, pie, ham, mashed potatoes and some other goodies are on the menu for tomorrow. I will have a few russian touches to it as well.

Okie dokie, i just thought I would give you a bit of an you would know what is happening.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


November 20, 2007

The Great Russian Nutcracker!

Last Friday Dave and I went to The Great Russian Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet. It was fabulous. We went with Monica and her Parents who got us these tickets!
I really enjoyed it b/c there were many elements and many movements that are very heritage specific and I enjoyed that. It brought back memories.
Anyway, Dave particularly cared for the guys in tights....white tights....

Here is an excerpt from the ballet....It is too beautiful not to share with all!

A serious update

It's been a while since I have written. Life has been busy and crazy.
So my sister has moved into her new house and they are slowly getting things done.
I checked out the progress on Sunday one week after moving and they have done twice as much as I thought they would. After all, they do have a small baby on hand.

My mother and father did finish the floors in their house so it is coming together. Sounds like they are going to be taking care of some furniture soon. so whoopee for my parents.

Dave has been in rockwall for 3 weeks now and he really likes it. I got to meet his Sgt and the Liutenant the other day when we went to lunch at Hog City Deli in Rockwall. I liked that place so much that we went back by ourselves the next day. For those of you who live around here, it is on Ridge Road in Rockwall behind Culvers.

Other than that, no much is going on. There will be some major changes in my life at some point but that is another topic for another day.
Love you all,

here is a picture of dave and me on Halloween!

November 16, 2007

Who is the best sister in the world? Why it's my sister Aleksandra!

Yep Yep Everyone!
It is an official announcement that my sister is the best sister
in the world. Today I got the best surprise ever! For no reason
my lovely sister sent me a dozen roses mixed with sunflowers....
I was so happy I actually shed a tear!

Thank You My Dear!

Here is a picture so everyone can see how beautiful the flowers
were. The flowers were arranged by a flower boutique here in Downtown


November 12, 2007


Well, I know I have not written in a while. Life has been consumed by house chores, studying and family. My sister has moved into her new house. We helped her unpack boxes on Sunday evening. It is going to be a while until she unpacks but nonetheless, she is in her house with all her belongings.

This weekend I have done laundry and ironing, the usual and Dave helped me clean the house this week. I certainly appreciated that.

Work has been somewhat slow since November and December are historically slow in our type of business. People have spent their budgets and don't have any money until January 1st so I just need to ride out this period of time.

I've been going on alot of meetings and building my pipeline of business. I did finally acquire GEUS (Greenville, TX) as my customer after 3 years of attempts. I celebrated it by going to bed at 8pm since I really needed it.

That is all the update for now! I hope everyone is well


November 06, 2007


Hello to All,

Just wanted to ask people to keep my mom in their prayers today. Her health has not been the best this year and she's been under the weather again here in the last couple of days. Dave and I paid her a visit yesterday and cheered her up.

On a happy note...My dad's remodeling project has been going great. He got the wood floors down and is working on the trim....He is making super progress because he is working by himself with no help. The walls and ceilings are painted and the house looks fresh once again.

My sister is moving next week and she closes on her house this week. I am excited for her.

I am still studying for my test (GMAT). I got an email from an advisor today telling me the curriculum consists of 45 hrs and dissertation and 3 comprehensive exams.
One in my major, one in the minor and one over the dissertation.

That is it folks,

Love you all,

November 04, 2007

Busy Bees!


This weekend was relaxing but stressful in it's own ways.

Friday night I did a "speedy gonzalez" grocery shopping trip....25 minutes...and then Dave and I were off to the movies to see the Bee Movie, which by the way is excellent and clean with many adult punch lines....I highly reccomend it.

Saturday I went to work and began the official studying of the GMAT Quantitavie Portion of the test. I am working through algebra mostly this weekend and by the weeks end I plan to move on to Statistics. I also managed to clean my house on Saturday...whoopee for me!

Sunday has been good to us...I've bee studying this morning and playing with kittens off and on and Dave has been enjoying his day off. I do work today but I again will spend the day studying my math....
Dinner will be more relaxing...Dave is slapping a couple of steaks on the grill and off I go to bed. That's it....

Here are some pictures of my dear cat Elvis....

November 01, 2007

Kittens Kittens Kittens!

I just wanted to show off my kittens to the world.
They are going to be 7 weeks this Saturday, how exciting.
They are a ton of fun and David and I spent oodles of time playing with
them. They make us laugh so much!

Anyway, their names are Walker (girl kittie) and Texas Ranger (boy kittie)
and they are 100% potty trained.
Love you all,