November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

So far my Thanksgiving Break has been wonderful.
On Thursday, Dave and I cooked for my family. Ham, green bean casserole, cherry pie,stuffing, mashed potatoes and other fixins were on the menu.

Friday night we went to have Thanksgiving with the inlaws which was also very nice.
It is a particularly special day since my MIL's birthday is only a couple of days away so we got to give her a gift.

Saturday has been a good day for me. I slept, I watched TV (multiple movies) and then went to my friend Monica's house to help her decorate the tree (I was useless, I watched her do it since she looked like she knew what she was doing). We then hit the mall and hung out. Zales was one of our stops since I needed to get our wedding rings cleaned and so did Monica. Then we went to Garden Ridge and I bought Christmas Decor for the tree. This year it will be gold and marroon decor with white lights....Also got lights for the house so when it is a bit warmer next week, Dave can put the lights up and make the house purrrrty!

That is it...I am going to try to decorate the tree tomorrow if I can get it and if not, sometime next week. I will post a picture of the final product.

Love you all,

Thanks Monica for being a bum with me! :)

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I cant wait to see my tree. I ordered Xmas cards today, so excited about it too