May 30, 2008

It's been booked and official!

Got the vacation booked today.
Carnival Conquest on July 20th to Western Carribbean.
We leave out of Galveston, that's a airfare this time, no worries I ll find different stuff to spend my money on.

Just wanted to update because I am very excited!

May 29, 2008

News about Stonehenge....very interesting!

Scientists: Stonehenge was burial ground

10:31 AM CDT on Thursday, May 29, 2008

Associated Press

Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and for several hundred years thereafter, researchers said Thursday.

WASHINGTON — England's enigmatic Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and for several hundred years thereafter, new research indicates.

Dating of cremated remains shows burials took place as early as 3000 B.C., when the first ditches around the monument were being built, researchers said Thursday.

And those burials continued for at least 500 years, when the giant stones that mark the mysterious circle were being erected, they said.

"It's now clear that burials were a major component of Stonehenge in all its main stages," said Mike Parker Pearson, archaeology professor at the University of Sheffield in England and head of the Stonehenge Riverside Archaeological Project.

In the past many archaeologists had thought that burials at Stonehenge continued for only about a century, the researchers said.

"Stonehenge was a place of burial from its beginning to its zenith in the mid third millennium B.C. The cremation burial dating to Stonehenge's sarsen stones phase is likely just one of many from this later period of the monument's use and demonstrates that it was still very much a domain of the dead," Parker Pearson said in a statement.

The researchers also excavated homes nearby at Durrington Walls, which they said appeared to be seasonal homes related to Stonehenge.

"It's a quite extraordinary settlement, we've never seen anything like it before," Parker Pearson said. The village appeared to be a land of the living and Stonehenge a land of the ancestors, he said.

There were at least 300 and perhaps as many as 1,000 homes in the village, he said. The small homes were occupied in midwinter and midsummer.

The village also included a circle of wooden pillars, which they have named the Southern Circle. It is oriented toward the midwinter sunrise, the opposite of Stonehenge, which is oriented to the midsummer sunrise.

The research was supported by the National Geographic Society, which discusses Stonehenge in its June magazine and will feature the new burial data on National Geographic Channel on Sunday.

The researchers said the earliest cremation burial was a small group of bones and teeth found in pits called the Aubrey Holes and dated to 3030-2880 B.C., about the time with the first ditch-and-bank monument was being built.

Remains from the surrounding ditch included an adult dated to 2930-2870 B.C., and the most recent cremation, Parker Pearson said, comes from the ditch's northern side and was of a 25-year-old woman. It dated to 2570-2340 B.C., around the time the first arrangements of large sarsen stones appeared at Stonehenge.

According to Parker Pearson's team, this is the first time any of the cremation burials from Stonehenge have been radiocarbon dated. The burials dated by the group were excavated in the 1950s and have been kept at the nearby Salisbury Museum.

In the 1920s an additional 49 cremation burials were dug up at Stonehenge, but all were reburied because they were thought to be of no scientific value, the researchers said.

They estimate that up to 240 people were buried within Stonehenge, all as cremation deposits.

Team member Andrew Chamberlain suggested that that the cremation burials represent the natural deaths of a single elite family and its descendants, perhaps a ruling dynasty.

A clue to this, he said, is the small number of burials in Stonehenge's earliest phase, a number that grows larger in subsequent centuries, as offspring would have multiplied.

Parker Pearson added: "I don't think it was the common people getting buried at Stonehenge — it was clearly a special place at that time. One has to assume anyone buried there had some good credentials."

The actual building and purpose of Stonehenge remain a mystery that has long drawn speculation from many sources.

May 28, 2008

Best neighbors in the world!

Have I ever told you how much I like all my neighbors? My neighbors are the best neighbors a gal can have. Besides the fact that we all communicate well and have the same understanding about yard upkeep and so neighbors are also very kind.

Yesterday Dave came home to only find our yard mowed and edged...we knew without guessing it was our neighbor Robert. He is so sweet. His excuse was that the rain was moving in and he wanted to help since he knew both of us were at work.
I made him a Banana nut bread last night and we took it to him to say thanks!

Makes a gal think twice about moving!

May 27, 2008

Great Weekend!

Busy but great weekend!

To make the story short...I really got to rest which was very needed. I was starting to turn into Grumpy Grumperson b/c of lack of sleep.

I took the time to clean the house well and catch up on laundry and spending time with my 5 animals.

David and I also purchased a brand new door for the front of the house. It is "Texas" inspired. David installed the door with little issues (except for having to move the hinges) but, the best part of all is that we now have installed an electronic keypad for the door which allows us keyless entry...that my friends is just plain cool!

Rusty went to the vet Sat morning and he was so brave and so good. The vet just loved him and people stood in line to smell his puppy breath.

That is all! Getting back to work, I just wanted to post a quick post and let people know that we are doing well!

Love you all,

May 24, 2008

My Angels!

This week has been extremely. We worked really hard in order to close as much business as possible before Memorial Day. Now that we are on a 3 day weekend, I am going to use this time to mostly rest since I am sleep deprived.

Here are a few pictures I took of the animals today. This morning I went and picked up Walker from the vet (she got declawed) and she did really good. While we were there, Rusty got his 2nd round of Parvo vaccination and he stole the show at the vet. Everyone was standing in line to pet him and smell his puppy breath.

Wanted to share a few pictures of them

Love you all,

May 19, 2008

Puppy Prognosis

Just FYI that puppy is doing wonderful and all is well!

May 18, 2008

Busy and a hectic weekend

Wow! Although the weekend was good, we have many adventures and I need a weekend from my weekend.
Saturday morning, our new neighbors graced us with their presence by coming over for lunch. We had a good time and Dave made some kick-ass porkchops...Yum Yum! After that, there were many household chores to be done.

Sunday morning we woke up to a very sick puppy. Diarrhea mostly, then came the barfies and then came the dehydrated puppy, and then came a weak puppy and right about the time I start to SERIOUSLY panic, he gets better. He is really weak and you can tell but at least he started drinking water and nibbling on his cookies. Let's just say that I am pretty worn out from taking care of a very sick puppy. I've gone through that with Beans once, so at least I kind of already knew what to expect and how long it takes before I can wear a clean tshirt for more than 1 hr. :)

I think we are alright now...

Friday night was also good. We went to a baseball game with Monica and her family, Rangers vs. Astros...ofcourse we won! Here is a couple of pictures...notice the progres of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

May 15, 2008

This is really funny! Can you do this?

Check out this video: Face-Pulling Competition

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Awesome Photo

Look at this great photo of my parents..This is from their last cruise (Early Spring 2008) Aren't they a handsome couple?

May 13, 2008

It is finally here!

Meant to tell everyone the good news last week but forgot...
I finally have results from my garden. I ate the first radish last week.
I already have 6 tomatos and 1 orange bell pepper that is in full progress.
Very excited! Hope this year is a great year!

May 11, 2008


Happy Mothers Day to all the Beautiful women in my life!

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May 10, 2008

Yay! New goodies for the house!

David and I have been talking about it for the last year and half...getting new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen that is....well...last night we went and got them and they will arrive on Mother's day! We bought a new fridge, gas range, microwave, dishwashwer and we have full plans to put in granite tops which we will start working on as soon as the appliances come in and are installed. Just thought I would share the super exciting news!

May 06, 2008

May 05, 2008

A new Puppy!


What a weekend…A Busy but a great one!

So, Friday night we went to the movies with Monica. We saw Baby Mama! Which by the way, is very funny if you just want to relax and laugh…..
Came home and really just went to bed, I was still jet legged and tired from the Houston trip.

Saturday was a bit more exciting. We went and got Dave his own Blackberry! BTW, he does have a new number but I will let him share that with people.
But, we also went to a birthday party in Mineola. The party was for Steven’s youngest boy (Steven-StateTrooper) so we drove out there to check our their
Cabin and the lake, which by the way is way fabulous!

They have an awesome lake, ton of blackberry bushes, grass, trees and the whole 9 yards. Dave and I fished, shot guns, drove around in a 4 wheeler, had a fried fish cook-out and just partied.
Saturday was also a sad day for all of us living the State Trooper life……one of the State Trooper was buried on Sat not too far away from Mineola (he died on the job, which I really don’t want to get into….
If you watch the news, you know all about it) so we celebrated his life as we ate. These types of days just makes me want to hang on to Dave a bit tighter, a bit longer….I take events like these very personal….as you can imagine!

Sunday we went to Canton….Big Surprise! We got another puppy! Miniature Pinscher (MinPin). He is 6 weeks old, very playful and Monica named him Rusty. I will take more pictures tonight and will post more.

Just wanted to post a quick update

May 01, 2008