May 28, 2008

Best neighbors in the world!

Have I ever told you how much I like all my neighbors? My neighbors are the best neighbors a gal can have. Besides the fact that we all communicate well and have the same understanding about yard upkeep and so neighbors are also very kind.

Yesterday Dave came home to only find our yard mowed and edged...we knew without guessing it was our neighbor Robert. He is so sweet. His excuse was that the rain was moving in and he wanted to help since he knew both of us were at work.
I made him a Banana nut bread last night and we took it to him to say thanks!

Makes a gal think twice about moving!


Nadia said...



you don't see this any more
thank you Robert!
I have to say thought that my neighbour in Allen Rita mowed our loan out of niceness (is it a word?) few times and I will never forget it.