January 29, 2008

Movie Reviews!

So, life pretty much has been insance for the last week and a half. Dave and I took some time out and went to the movies last night. We were both excited to see Meet the Spartans and boy, were we disappointed. In the first 10 min of the movie, we have mutually got up and walked out. That is the most horrible, un-funny, movie ever made. So, we snuck into a different movie, Mad Money and surprisingly it was good. I recommend it.

All seems to be doing well. I got the house cleaned last weekend, which was highly neglected, My mom had a bit of a get together at home the day before her bday, that was fun and I also took a painting class Saturday.
Sunday we met up with Monyka and Ryan at Braums in Mesquite and caught up on our news, gossips, etc.....

Well, it seems to be 5:35 am, and therefore I really need to get ready and hit the road, I hope everyone is having a good week.

January 27, 2008




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January 26, 2008


So I Severly apologize for not updating my blog for a week! It has been hectic, my schedule has completely turned around on me.

Last Sat we went to a Family Reunion in Houston, it was so much fun. Beans went with us and she was a good doggie. Did not give anyone any trouble. We thought she was going to play with Trixie but they did not care for each other much.

On the way to Houston we stopped in Huntsville and did some shopping at Baskins (western store). I got a pair of solid pink cowboy boots and Dave got a really nice leather belt with Texas stars on them.

We headed home on Sunday but before actually going to Forney, we stopped at my sisters house to give her a bday present. Visisted a bit and went home, we were so super tired, I could not keep my eyes open.

Well, that is it for now, I will post more news later!

January 18, 2008


Happy Birthday to my sister Asel today!
I wish you all the very best and I hope you
are having a good day!

We all love you very much

Olga & Dave

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January 16, 2008

Quick Car Update!

Quick Car update!

Car got estimated and the monetary damage is nowhere near where we thought it will be.
The estimate came in for the back of the car and it will take 16 business days to fix it. Still waiting on the estimate on the front, which is minor.

I am still in the rental and Allstate will continue to pay for it.

Will keep you guys updated as I know more info.

BTW, all parts are going to be certified by VW (mfg) and Park Cities and all warranty will be recertified and extended back to its original dates.


January 15, 2008


Today is my friend Monyka's birthday!
Happy Birthday to her! For those of you who
know the difference, this is Monyka #1.

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January 13, 2008


This weekend we were suppose to go to Waco to see my friends Monyka and Ryan but because of the insurance situation and car assessment, I stayed behind. Monyka forgave me!

Saturday Dave and I bought some furniture, it is rustic bed, book shelf and night stand and mattress. I will post a picture later. It came from an unclaimed freight store and we save a ton of $. We brought it home Sat and left in the garage because
we did not want to be late to our last minute massages I scheduled. My neck and shoulders needed some work and Dave's low back were out wack as usual. After the massages, we went home.

Sunday we woke up and put the guest bedroom together, at least we dragged and arranged the furniture. We spent the rest of the day lounging around. when Dave left for work, I began cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I had to do my 2 least favorite house chores in one day....toilets and cleaning out the fridge. All I got to say is ewwwww, mostly about the fridge.

I also took the time to arrange a bit of a collage in an awesome frame that Monyka gave me for my bday...There are several baby pictures of mine that I really love that I took time to display and hung up in the hallway. Speaking of hanging up...I hung up Monica's gift, which were rustic stars. I hung those up in the dining room and Granny's gift in the dining room beside the stars. It looks great!

Also, I got my Dooney and Bourke purse in on Friday. It is fantabulous. All I got to say is it is fancy and I am lucky to have it!

That is it for the update, I hope everyone is having a great and safe weekend!

January 11, 2008


Thought I would drop a quick note and update everyone!

Last night I spent lounging around a bit, did some bill paying,
laundry doing and just plain did nothing. Dave went to help Philippe
move a TV from their Allen house to granny's apartment.

BTW, Dave had to drop me off at work yest, because I was getting a rental.
Let's just say I had to come to work in a cop car.. Fun!
I felt like a criminal.

Speaking of my wonderful rental. It is questionable. Besides the fact that it smells like cigarettes to the point of not return, it is also a PT Cruiser. Never in my life I thought I would be driving one of those. Not to mention, it is Electric Blue color! Anyway, I am just thankful that I got a car!
This weekend, we are settling insurance, hopefully!

That is all!
I hope everyone is doing well!


January 09, 2008


Howdy to all!

Thought I would give everyone an update. I released my car from the wreck yard to Park Cities VW yesterday and the car arrived there last night. Allstate Agent will be visiting the car today to assess it and depending on the time of the day, I may even find out the fate of the car. Allstate is taking responsibility and liability for all 4 cars which is nice not to have to fight insurance companies.

I had a lovely evening last night. My parents came to visit me and stayed for dinner. It is nice to not have anything to do some evenings. Today is Wed, which means our weekly date with the Cox's. Not sure what Monica is making this week but I am sure it will be delicious as always.

Walker (my girl cat) was very bad yesterday. I always try to get them off our entertainment center because they love to wonder around the shelves and all the vases on the shelves. Well, yesterday, she knocked off a big vase off the bottom shelf....it crashed into a million pieces. Thank God it was not glass but clay, so it was much easier to clean it up.

Well, that is about it. Thought I would give everyone an update


January 08, 2008

My Poor Little Jetta!

So you hear this straight from the horses mouth. I got into a wreck yest at 5:00pm but it was not my fault. I always get rear-ended, this time it was bad. I got rear-ended in Rocwall about 2 miles away from my work. A lady with a kid in the back seat turned her body around to talk to her kid and was not paying attention and slammed into me while i was sitting at a stop sign, about 6th in line to turn left.
My bumper, my trunk, my headlights are completely destroyed. Because she hit me so hard, I hit the person in front of me and that person hit someone else....So a 4 car pileup in rush hour 5pm traffic. Fun!

I called Dave and he worked the wreck and took care of everything..He even called the insurance company last night. My car currently resides in Royce City at the wreck yard until the insurance company looks at my car and the car that hit me....

Thank God for our good agent, our well covered insurance and our GAP insurance. If it turns out that the car is not replacable...I will be getting a brand new car...

I am not posting any pictures, because you will cringe! Let's just say a Tow truck had to take my car! :(

I am doing good. My headaches are mostly gone, I did get bruised on my hip and my thigh and luckily I was wearing my seat belt so I did get a seat belt bruise...Other than that....I think God was looking out for me...It could have been worse!

January 06, 2008

Thank You to All!

Thank You to all who wished me happy birthday and to all
who came to celebrate it with me. Thanks to all the family
who helped me pull this party together!

I appreciate all the attention and wanted to thank you for all
the gifts you gave me. It was truly a special birthday.
Check out some pictures!
Love you all,

January 03, 2008

Happy new Year!

So, life has been busy....but I did not want my blog to go unnoticed.
Just a quick update about our New Years. We met New Years at Srgs house
pretty much partying our lives away. Here is some pictures to prove all the fun!