January 09, 2008


Howdy to all!

Thought I would give everyone an update. I released my car from the wreck yard to Park Cities VW yesterday and the car arrived there last night. Allstate Agent will be visiting the car today to assess it and depending on the time of the day, I may even find out the fate of the car. Allstate is taking responsibility and liability for all 4 cars which is nice not to have to fight insurance companies.

I had a lovely evening last night. My parents came to visit me and stayed for dinner. It is nice to not have anything to do some evenings. Today is Wed, which means our weekly date with the Cox's. Not sure what Monica is making this week but I am sure it will be delicious as always.

Walker (my girl cat) was very bad yesterday. I always try to get them off our entertainment center because they love to wonder around the shelves and all the vases on the shelves. Well, yesterday, she knocked off a big vase off the bottom shelf....it crashed into a million pieces. Thank God it was not glass but clay, so it was much easier to clean it up.

Well, that is about it. Thought I would give everyone an update




I love you
I am glad things are going OK with the car insurance situation

Челита said...

Оленька, ты в порядке, и это главное. Я очень за тебя переживала.

Laura said...

I'm glad things are coming together and I hope you're feeling better, too!