January 08, 2008

My Poor Little Jetta!

So you hear this straight from the horses mouth. I got into a wreck yest at 5:00pm but it was not my fault. I always get rear-ended, this time it was bad. I got rear-ended in Rocwall about 2 miles away from my work. A lady with a kid in the back seat turned her body around to talk to her kid and was not paying attention and slammed into me while i was sitting at a stop sign, about 6th in line to turn left.
My bumper, my trunk, my headlights are completely destroyed. Because she hit me so hard, I hit the person in front of me and that person hit someone else....So a 4 car pileup in rush hour 5pm traffic. Fun!

I called Dave and he worked the wreck and took care of everything..He even called the insurance company last night. My car currently resides in Royce City at the wreck yard until the insurance company looks at my car and the car that hit me....

Thank God for our good agent, our well covered insurance and our GAP insurance. If it turns out that the car is not replacable...I will be getting a brand new car...

I am not posting any pictures, because you will cringe! Let's just say a Tow truck had to take my car! :(

I am doing good. My headaches are mostly gone, I did get bruised on my hip and my thigh and luckily I was wearing my seat belt so I did get a seat belt bruise...Other than that....I think God was looking out for me...It could have been worse!



baby, my love, go to a doctor, get checked out
really my darling it's best for you


Laura said...

Oh no! I am so so so sorry! How are you feeling today? Go get checked out. Get well soon!