March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Sasha!

A happy happy birhtday goes out to my nephew Sasha. Today he turns 2!
Happy Birthday!

Olga & David

March 23, 2009


Our trip to the Arboretum!

March 20, 2009

Boys and Toys

Mark, Ryan and David all own those fun little motor planes. The pictures say it all, boys will always be boys!

March 17, 2009

Crandall ISD (Monica's class)

David went to visit Crandall ISD last week to teach little children what kind of work police officers do and what kind of an impact they can make when they act like good little children. they had a lot of fun, pictures prove it. David picked up a few more 3 foot tall admirers. I may have competition!

March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Rusty!

Today, Rusty is 1 years old. Happy Birthday to him and hopefully he has many more to come unless he decides to eat more couch cushions, then his days maybe be numbered. For now, Happy Birthday Rusty!

March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny

We hope you are having a gread day! We will see you this weekend!

~David and Olga

March 08, 2009

Happy Women's Day

To all the beautiful Russian women in my life, Happy Women's Day!

March 07, 2009

Trip to Orlando, Florida

A couple of days after my birthday, I had an opportunity to visit Orlando, specifically Disney World. It was a work trip so there was no visiting Disney but I did get to enjoy the resort (Coronado Springs) and the scenery at the hotel. Check this out. These pictures were taken Jan 8, 2009