March 17, 2009

Crandall ISD (Monica's class)

David went to visit Crandall ISD last week to teach little children what kind of work police officers do and what kind of an impact they can make when they act like good little children. they had a lot of fun, pictures prove it. David picked up a few more 3 foot tall admirers. I may have competition!



thats just great, maybe he can do it in Sashas school some day

Irina said...

does he serve plano as well? kids love it every time we have police or firefighters come, a lot of fun, thank you for doing that.

Olga said...

hi Irina.
No it's only for our county (rockwall/kaufman) but you can contact your fire dept and police dept in the city and they are usually are very willing to do it. you should check.