October 31, 2007


Howdy to All,

Today is a special day! Yep, it is halloween time! This year we are doing more for Halloween than most years. We will begin our Halloween at my Friend Monica and Mark's because we can't miss our weekly dates of dinner and Pushing Daisies. Monica and I are dressing up like bees (trashbags with yellow ductape, how funny) and we are passing out candy at her house in Forney until Mark feeds us his very delicious Mexican casserole. Then we will dash over to our house and pass out candy there since our neighbors expect it from us. We have many kids on the street. That is about it....I just wanted to update everyone and wish everyone a happy Halloween and hope everyone stay's safe.

Don't drink & drive!

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October 29, 2007

A new venture!

Some of you have heard and some have not...once it hits my blog...it is official.

I am officially an Adjunct Instructor for Texas A&M University - Commerce. I will be teaching International Business (BA420) at the university 1 time a week (night class) at the Commerce campus. I am very excited. This is not a full time job, but a side job. I am exploring the idea of going back to school and getting my PHd and teaching full time as a professor of business/management at the Commerce campus which is completely attainable if I had a PHd. The department Head has agreed to give me a trial course to make sure I like teaching before I throw myself into this profession which will take me 5 more years to obtain as well as a financial committment (5 more years of grad school). So I will be making my decision as the year progresses....How about that....!

I just wanted to share these wonderful news with you!


October 28, 2007

A great Weekend!

Howdy All!
This weekend has been fabulous. I got to sleep in Saturday until 8:30 and although it does not sound much of sleeping it, it beats the 6:15am alarm clock 7 days a week.

Saturday I got to lounge around, sleep in and meet with the girl who brough us the kittens...next blog...
On Saturday I also met my friends Monica, Jose, Ryan and Isa and we went to Dallas Pumpkin Festival. (http://www.dallaspumpkinfestival.org/)
I highly recommend this place for anyone, especially if you have children.
Here are a few pictures so you can see for yourselves how much fun it really is.

October 26, 2007

News and Updates!

Sorry I haven't written in a few days...it's unlike me but we've been busy.

Wednesday night we had our usual date with Monica and Mark and had fun watching and not watching Pushing Daisies. We were more along the lines of looking for my wedding ring (found), de-shedding the cat, training the dog to fetch and talking....then I went to bed b/c I was super tired that night.

Thursday night was busy also. I came home in a slightly rotten mood and did not feel like cooking so we went and had greasy hamburgers at Whataburger, actually I haven't had a hamburger from a fast food place in months so I did not feel guilty. Then I did some laundry and some house cleaning and then off we went to Kaufman to look at a couple of kittens we were looking to adopt.

They are a rescue from Seagoville animal shelter. Beans really likes them and Elvis gets a taste of them Saturday and we'll make our decision. These kittens are a brother and sister.

That's it!
Love you all,
Olga & Dave

October 24, 2007

Off we went to the Vet!

It is that time of the year when Queen Beans goes to the Vet. This year we chose to transfer Beans to a vet in Forney whom I really like.

We went to get the worm tests done and to do our annual immunizations including rabies. All tests came back negative and we are thrilled about that. However getting to do the tests was slightly a different adventure.

The vet was trying to get stool sample but couldn't. Beans would not give it up so he had to work with what he did get...practically nothing. So as soon as the vet left the room, Beans decided to be a polite dog and give the vet what he wanted, so she left Dr. Woodling 2 big, nice presents in the middle of room. All of us laughed so hard! So the doc got what she wanted.

On a slightly more serious note. Beans is 2 lb overweight and is currently on OM food RX only (over weight management) We are working our way through a sample right now to make sure she likes it and it looks like she does. We are shooting for 1 lb a month for 2 months...

Doctor was impressed with her very clean ears and her short toe nails and I had to tell her that Beans actually likes to receive this type of pampering....Ha! Also, we received a tooth brushing kit to begin our tartar management. She had very mild tartar but nothing a chicken flavored toothpast won't take care of.

Beans was a good girl and did not give us any trouble. Now, I have to do the same thing with Elvis sometime next month. Whoopee!

October 23, 2007


Yesterday, after having a slightly rotten day, my hubby made it all better with a giant pot of hot, steamy, spicy chili! It hit the spot! :) He is such a good cook.

Today was the day I realized and remembered why I paid for seat and back warmers in my car! They sure came in handy and that is also how I survived last winter quiete comfortably!

Today I am taking Beans to the vet for all her yearly shots and tests, she is typically not fond of the vet's office since they do particularly uncomfortable things but nonetheless, maybe a treat on the way out make her feel better.

David is meeting the new Sgt. today from Rockwall. Him and Billy (the other trooper who is transferring) are meeting Sgt for lunch in Rockwall and I am not invited, bummer! oh well!

That's all the updates. I hope everyone has a great day, stay out of trouble and keep warm!

Love you all,

October 22, 2007

Weight Loss Progress!

Some of you have asked me about my weight loss program. Thanks to all who check in!

I have started running and doing light exercising exactly 2 weeks ago. David and I have been running at night 1 to 2 miles a night depending on mood and weather...
I am happy to announce that as of this morning I have lost exactly 2 lb. Clearly I am taking a slow pace to weight loss but nonetheless it is healthy way to loose it.
I am OK with loosing 5 lb in a month, rapid weight loss does not appeal to me.

Dave and I eat very healthy and are very conscious to food labels and to the ingridents we us but we even stepped that up a notch as Dave's cholesterol check was not the best (but it was not the worst either).

So, the point I was making...now with the cold weather here, it will be harder for me to run outside, I may have to do my running at the gym to help myself in not going lazy completely, I will be running with 1.5lb weights and I got a jump rope. Ha!
Will let you know on my progress later!

October 21, 2007


Had a fabulous weekend this week.
Friday night was busy because that is chores night...grocery shopping, laundry and etc....

Saturday however was much more fun! I went to work, YUK! Came home and decided to take a baby nap which turned into 2 hrs and then we dashed to see my sistes beautiful new house which is almost done. It is a giant castle, and the inside is even more beautiful. It is done in beautiful warm colors and is very fancy. She will soon be moving!
Then we went to her house for a bit to chill... We had chinese for dinner (which hit the spot) and had cherry beer which was also good. Then we went home around 11:30 or so....fun!

The Sunday we woke up to watch Tallatega Nights and my sisters, baby, Philippe and my granny joined us. We had a nice visit and then they went home b/c baby was getting tired but nonetheless, it was a super visit!

Dave went to the Cowboys game today and I am not doing much of anything. I do work today but it's later on in the day, I still got a couple of hours until torture time!

Anyway, Just wanted to give you guys an update on my great weekend!
Love you all,

October 19, 2007

The Dog!

It was time to bathe the dog. I turned the water on and went to go get Beans. I look in the living room, not there! I look in the bedrooms, not there! Kitchen, not there! Bathrooms, no there! I start to panick a little bit since Dave has been in and out of the house moving and cleaning the garage that the thought in my head was...."OMG, she may have run outside unsupervised and so on and so on!"

So the water is still running...No Beans, no sign of Beans at all! I got outside and freak out on Dave about Beans not being in the house and I told him that I was trying to give her her weekly bath......

Next thing I know here comes Beans! Standing next to the glass door gloating and probably doggie laughing at me! This dog has gotten so good at figuring out that once the bath water starts running in the master bath....well....nothing goods comes out of it so she bolts and hides. I still have not figured out her hiding spot but not to worry, I am on to her now!

After the bath, she was cranky and avoided me at any cost. But once she was dry, she forgot about our mishap and came to me...to only find out she is getting her "toe" nails clipped and her ears cleaned! Ha! Success! Now the dog is mad at me!

October 17, 2007


Today has been busy. I had to go to Carthage, TX today (about half hour from Shreveport) to see a client for a 15 min meeting, but it was worth it....
After spending 9am to 5pm in the car, I am now back home.

Well, it's hump day, and that means dinner at Monica's and Mark's. Tonight was sausage night with mac n cheese and steamed green beans. It was Yummy! We watched the 3rd episode of Pushing Daisies (BTW Laura, this one was good). Then we played with Monica's newest addition to the family, a blue heeler, 9 month old Daisy. So cute!

Then off we went home because I am beat tired!

On a more upbeat note, Monica's dad got us tickets to see The Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet (world famous, 1st class show), we are going on Nov 16 and I feel like it can't get here sooner....Darn! I shall start my count down soon...

Well, I better go and start doing some work....There is a check book to be balanced and laundry to be ironed.....what a girl to do..... :)


October 15, 2007

I am doing nothing tonight, and that's how I like it!

(Friends we made on the cruise, they are from Maryland)

Oi! What a day....

Last night we fell asleep to a thunder show with the rain..It was soozing.
I snoozed hard last night! I woke up in the same position I fell asleep on. the dog managed to climb on top of me because I woke up with her on top of my body! Ha!
The cat too, slept at my feet all night long. he is like a giant fuzzy slipper!

Tonight, besides running, I plan to do little. I am coming home to TV and dinner. I may out of boredom deshed the cat because he can use it. I have many things to do but I just don't feel like doing them.

For those who don't know, David is now Trooper 1 as of October 1 (meaning he is off probation) and also will be transferring to Rockwall county (office is in Rockwall) on November 1. This is his choice and not a mandatory move. He is making a professional move and he gets a Congrats! from me!

Other than that, not much is going on.

October 13, 2007

A Sad Day!

I am pretty bummed! Yesterday was a sad day for our good friend Bradley Edge. Many of you know him and many of you met him personally at our wedding since Bradley was the one to marry us! Bradleys dad died last night of medical complications that can be traced to a long time ago. Since college, Bradleys dad never been well but he is in a better place. My heart goes out to him and his family. It is a difficult time.

So, tomorrow Dave and I will be going to visitation in Sulphur Springs to pay our very last respects to Bradley's Dad. Please keep this family in your thoughts!

Love you all,
Take care of yourself,

Dave & Olga

October 12, 2007


(Here's a memory! Beanies 3rd B-day party) See if you can find yourself in the picture?

Yep, I mean it!

Yesterday we had a nice visit with the family. We met up in Greenville at Chilies to celebrate my sister in laws birthday...Then we went home to sleep! But the addicts that we are, we did not go straight to bed, first we played online games and then off to be we went.

Today is Friday and friday nights are typically the same in the Foster household. Laundry, house chores, yard work and grocery shopping. Sat I have a shift at the gym, and then my mom and granny are coming over to make raviolis....It's been a while and I have officially run out of raviolis.....

Sunday I am going to make a sincere attempt to clean out junk drawers in the house and do some major resting! :) Then I will go to my sisters house to visit with her and also to visit my Grandmother because it will be her birthday on Sunday!

I think that is all the update I got! Sometimes, no news is good news!
Love you all,

Olga & Dave

October 10, 2007


Comments for MySpace
Birthday Comments for MySpace

A very happy birthday goes out to my brother in law Philippe and my sister in law Susan! I hope today is a great day for both of you!

October 09, 2007

My life has take a turn for the worse

OMG, Today I found a long white hair on my head. It was depressing and I officially feel old. What a crappy day!

October 08, 2007

Fat Beans!

(Me at the Miami Seaquarium at the crocodile section)

Howdy All

Today has been a slow day at work...Apparantely it's Columbus Day and noone told me...So I kept on calling my clients and not being able to find them. haha! The joke is on ME!

I went to visit a client today to pick something up but got busy and hectic that I forgot to pick up the router that I came for...Once again the joke is on ME!

Got home, Dave and I ate leftovers for dinner in an attempt to clean out the fridge, in which we succeeded. Then we went running together...me and dave and beans...
All 3 of us need the work out and to loose weight or get into better shape. Dave is working on his cholesterol and blood pressure, i am working on my midsection and Beans is working on all her body parts that have become all to round.

But, Beans had a good time with the neighbors dog Chico. they played together and chased each other followed by a butt sniffing session. Then we went to our neighbors house Jaime, because her bday is tomorrow. She got a beautiful bling bling ring on her finger for her present. Mike did very well!

That is all, I shall go continue reading my book, I just wanted to update everyone on our progress.

Love you all

October 06, 2007

Spiders, Spiders & More Spiders!

(Dave and I at Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" at Grand Turk & Caicos. It is a restaurant and a trading post.

So, months ago by without me seeing a spider but today was full of spiders. Why you ask? Is it Halloween already? NO!

This morning I had to kill a big, juicy spider in our master shower. First I sprayed mildew cleaner on him and then when he was done wiggling and dying and all, I flushed him down the drain.

Then off to work I went. Towards the very end, one of the cleaning ladies started screaming and I ran to her to find a big hairy spider near the front door of the gym and it was a size of a mini box of raisins. HUGE! You could see individual hairs on that sucker. It was solid black, so it appeared to me! I grabbed a broom from her hand and I wacked him! WHACK! The spider continued to wiggle and was probably cursing me! So, I whacked him again! WHACK! All of a sudden white juice poured out of him...He looked dead! Now the cleaning lady came down a bit.

So I go home...Going home to meet with a guy who bought our old porcelain top vanity and base off CraigsList. We sold the vanity and decided while we were already in the garage to go ahead and clean it a bit and sweep it and get rid of spider webs and spiders in the corners...why did I decide to do this? why?
In the corners of the garage there were many spider webs, as I imagined, with big spiders on them. Some spider webs had easily 2 or 3 spiders on it. So Dave pulled out our handy-dandy shop vac and vacuumed them in. Thank God I did not have to do that because there was probably at least 15-20 spiders in that vacuum. I know I won't be cleaning out the vacuum any time soon.

With that being said, I think this was my preparation for Holloween.

On another note, this weekend has been busy. Friday night consisted of house cleaning and laundry. Tonight (Sat) consists of floor mopping/vaccuming and ironing and tomorrow night I will attempt to do some yard work. Bushes need a hair cut and the weeds are back!

October 03, 2007

Busy Bee! That's Me!

I've been busy since Saturday night when we got back. Sat night was consumed by laundry and ironing and picking up the house a bit. Sunday we relaxed and finally got some groceries in our fridge and Monday was the day to go back to work.

I've been catching up on work the best I could but I still feel as though I am behind. Sales are doing well and I am thankful for it but busy busy busy...

Tonight I am going to take some time and visit Monica and Mark for dinner and a premier of Pushing Daisies...I am excited about the new show...BTW, for those of you who watch "House" I was disappointed with the new season. Bummer!

Monica is making Mexican food tonight and Dave will join us on his dinner break.

My mom came and visited us yest which was very nice of her. It was relaxing to sit and have dinner together and catch up on news and gossip...well, folks, that is it!


October 02, 2007

Doctor's Visit!

Dave went to the doc today for a physical.....
Hmmmm......high blood pressure already! He is on several medications right now like Mucinex and allergy medicine and that could be a possible contributor to the elevated blood pressure but the doc told him to monitor the blood pressure for 2 weeks and he will make a decision whether or not to be put on low dosage blood pressure meds....he also had a severe ear infection from the trip and hence why's he's been feeling under the weather! But, anti-biotics and a shot will do the trick!

Blood work will be back tomorrow! Just thought I would give everyone an update since I've been bad and slowly lately!

Love you all,

October 01, 2007


Oh What fun that trip was. We left on friday morning and went to Miami where we had an awesome room downtown Miami. We could see our Carnival ship from our top story room...It was awesome...That night we went strolling to the Bayside Marketplace to check out the scenary and the shops...Here are a few shots from there...

The next day we went to the Miami Seaquarium which was loads of fun...We got to see a dolphin show, manatees, iguanas, parrots, sharks and sea lions...

Then we dashed to get our bags from the hotel and get on the ship...The Triumph (Carnival)

After getting on the boat, we realaxed, made new friends and celebrated our 1st anniversary!

We spent our anniversary in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Population 35)

The next stop was in St. Thomas.....Unfortunately our under water pictures were not developed yet but I can share these with you..In St. Thomas we SNOOBAd and also snorkled.

Then we were off to Puerto Rico where we rode horses through a Rain Forest.

It rains 4 times in Puerto Rico a day...An Average rain fall is 250 inches/yr and each rain session in the Rain forest lasts around 20 minutes.

Our Last stop was in Grand Turk and Caicos Islands. Grand Turk is a type of a cactus and Caicos means "series of islands"

That's basically the rundown of our vacation. We took about 600 pictures (not including underwater) and I will be creating a snapfish album on Wednesday...Stay Tune!