October 24, 2007

Off we went to the Vet!

It is that time of the year when Queen Beans goes to the Vet. This year we chose to transfer Beans to a vet in Forney whom I really like.

We went to get the worm tests done and to do our annual immunizations including rabies. All tests came back negative and we are thrilled about that. However getting to do the tests was slightly a different adventure.

The vet was trying to get stool sample but couldn't. Beans would not give it up so he had to work with what he did get...practically nothing. So as soon as the vet left the room, Beans decided to be a polite dog and give the vet what he wanted, so she left Dr. Woodling 2 big, nice presents in the middle of room. All of us laughed so hard! So the doc got what she wanted.

On a slightly more serious note. Beans is 2 lb overweight and is currently on OM food RX only (over weight management) We are working our way through a sample right now to make sure she likes it and it looks like she does. We are shooting for 1 lb a month for 2 months...

Doctor was impressed with her very clean ears and her short toe nails and I had to tell her that Beans actually likes to receive this type of pampering....Ha! Also, we received a tooth brushing kit to begin our tartar management. She had very mild tartar but nothing a chicken flavored toothpast won't take care of.

Beans was a good girl and did not give us any trouble. Now, I have to do the same thing with Elvis sometime next month. Whoopee!


Laura said...

I'm glad everything turned out well! :) Give her a big hug and kiss for me...:)


take my kittie to the vet
no OM management for him he is little as it is