October 26, 2007

News and Updates!

Sorry I haven't written in a few days...it's unlike me but we've been busy.

Wednesday night we had our usual date with Monica and Mark and had fun watching and not watching Pushing Daisies. We were more along the lines of looking for my wedding ring (found), de-shedding the cat, training the dog to fetch and talking....then I went to bed b/c I was super tired that night.

Thursday night was busy also. I came home in a slightly rotten mood and did not feel like cooking so we went and had greasy hamburgers at Whataburger, actually I haven't had a hamburger from a fast food place in months so I did not feel guilty. Then I did some laundry and some house cleaning and then off we went to Kaufman to look at a couple of kittens we were looking to adopt.

They are a rescue from Seagoville animal shelter. Beans really likes them and Elvis gets a taste of them Saturday and we'll make our decision. These kittens are a brother and sister.

That's it!
Love you all,
Olga & Dave



No TR and Walker are too ugly for them
let's do something cuter !


oh I Know
Ricky and Bobby!

Laura said...

LOL!!! Walker and Texas Ranger?! LOL!!! I can tell ya'll love Talladega Nights a little too much, LOL!!!
They are so cute! Congrats on the new babies!!!!

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