May 31, 2007

In memory!

The teacher that I was writing about in my previous blog (the one from Crandall ISD, that was diagnosed with leukemia and breast cancer) has passed
away last night at a nearby hospital before her first chemo treatment.... :(

She leaves behind two very young children (one is a 5th grader, and I think the other one is even younger than that) and a husband. A local bank in Crandall set up a scholarship memorial fund for the 2 kiddos. I can give more info if anyone would like to help.... It is a sad day, and even a sadder day for the Special Ed Dept in Crandall ISD. She worked with special ed children and then taught art in the afternoon at the same school! :)

An uneventful evening!

Good News! My parents started to lay down their new hardwood floors. My dad is doing it all by himself. He is very handy! One room down, and many more to go! :)

And another lovely evening with friends Joann, Monica and Mark! We did not do anything really productive yesterday! However, we did go through the house and found all the garage sale items and gave them to Monica for the Crandall ISD garage sale. Our garage is now relatively clean!

We made our rounds with the neighbors last night. We dropped off all the birthday invitations in their mailboxes and visited with Jody and Kelly and Mike and Jaime. Jaime has a new puppy, a chow but Beans did not care for Mr. Miagi (sp?). I think he was too fluffy for her! She probably could not see where Mr. Miagi starts and where he ends.... :) He was all the same! So cute!

May 30, 2007


Good Morning All,

Well, the French side of the family has departed back to France. It was so nice to see them! I am sure it won't be long before we see them again! They got to see the baby!

On a lighter note, we had a lovely evening last night with Joann, Monica, Mark and Aaron who came over to eat beans & rice & sausage that Dave and I made. It was super spicy this time around since Dave decided to put 2 cans of pinto beans with jalapenos in it atop the 1 can of Rotel. It sure was fun eating it! We watched Talladega Nights and went to sleep.

But some of us did not feel like sleeping. They felt like scratching, shaking, walking on me,

barking, breathing hard (like in annoyance) and when some certain individual did fall asleep, they were snoring! :) It is OK, I will go to sleep early tonight to make up for it!

Also, I wanted to bring this up in case anyone would like to help. My friend Monica has a friend who just got diagnosed with leukemia on top of already having breast cancer. Crandall ISD will be holding a garage sale to help her out financially. If anyone would like to help and donate to the garage sale, please contact me!

May 29, 2007

My Dear Cat Elvis!

Besides the fact that my cat is a peeping Tom, he is also a thief!

My cat licked the saline solution out of the contact lense cases and ate my

left contact lense! Thank God for spares!

May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

What a nice day! I got to sleep in, clean up the kitchen and arrange my
new plants in my house! I brought about 10 plants from my sisters house
last night b/c she did not want the baby to get a hold of them so I kindly
took them home and made my home their home. They look very nice!

Last night we also had a nice dinner at Derek & Susan's house. Derek cooked us
pork ribs & they were good. Thank you Derek!

This afternoon I went to lunch with my mother in law and sister in law to La Madelines in Rockwall!
As always, I have had my pizza! It was fabulous!

Tonight we are going to enjoy a quiet dinner at my parents house. Dave & I made them
lasagna! Actually I made it and Dave supervised the event! :)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

May 27, 2007

What a beautiful Plant

I promised some pictures of my hibiscus tree so here they are!
Love you all
Dave & Olga

Rain, Rain & More Rain!

You know, there is only so much rain I can take before I start getting cranky....For several reasons.

Reason #1. I don't like to drive in the rain & I usually even refuse to drive in the rain unless it is work related so, needless to say I am behind on a few chores and errunds.

Reason #2. My dog will not go outside to tinkle b/c she happens to think she is going to melt.

Reason #3. The grass is growing like crazy even though we mowed 2 days ago....Our yard looks like it hasn't been mowed for a week. I know, most people say..."What, a week, that is nothing!" But, it is something because we are in a competition with the next door neighbor as to whose yard actually looks better....We always win! In fact, our yard is the best looking yard on the whole street! :) So I say!

Reason #4. David has been trying to come home for lunch for the last 2 hours but has not been able to b/c there is a wreck after wreck on I20....

OK, so I am done ranting!

On a lighter note! I did finish cleaning my house. It is sparkling clean, i even vacuumed the drapes in all the bedrooms!

On even a lighter & brighter note! Congratulations to my sister and her husband. They have purchased a fantabulous new vehicle last night for Father's day. They bought a new Infiniti. once i see it, I will be sure to post a picture of it. Congratulations to them!

Also, my nephews 2nd month birthday was yesterday, so Happy Birthday to you to Sasha! (Please see the adorable picture above!)

May 26, 2007

A Great Evening & a juicy story!

Last night we had a fabulous dinner at chilies with our new friends from Forney. Isn't it funny how you can go to school together for 4 years, run in the same circles, but still never meet each other?

Yesterday, I was told my computer science professor from Commerce that my blog is boring and I need to put something juicy in it! So I am dedicating this blog to Robert "Earl" Hodges......
Since I live a boring life, I don't have juicy things to tell. But I do have one interesting story to tell...However if you are family, you already know this...

A couple of weeks ago, David had his first major drug bust. He confiscated 17 lb of marijuana...That is great news for a rookie! And, it is also the largest bust at his station so far this year! That is pretty juicy, right Earl? Kudos to Dave!

Today, I am going to spend a few hours cleaning my very neglected house! So, after tonight, anyone is welcome to my house!

May 25, 2007

My first Blog

I thought I would start a blog to better keep my friends & family informed on
what is going on in my life, and Dave's. I am not much of a blogger
but I will try my best to achieve the goal. The goal is to post something a few
times a week! :)

However, since I am already on a roll.......I might as well express a few things that
I am happy about and not happy about.....

To start on a good note!

We have purchased a hibiscus tree at Lowe's 3 nights ago and re-planted it in a nice pot.
It is doing great b/c it has already spit out 4 Bizkits (flowers) ( I shall call them that, since it sounds like
hibiscus)...Yes Yes Yes....I know that's lame...... I will post a picture of them tomorrow when
I find my camera USB port.

I was going to rant about Capital One Credit Cards but then I decided not to, b/c I don't want
to think about these people anymore today! All I have to Say is that Capital One is Evil! :(

I shall see you guys back tomorrow! :)