May 31, 2007

In memory!

The teacher that I was writing about in my previous blog (the one from Crandall ISD, that was diagnosed with leukemia and breast cancer) has passed
away last night at a nearby hospital before her first chemo treatment.... :(

She leaves behind two very young children (one is a 5th grader, and I think the other one is even younger than that) and a husband. A local bank in Crandall set up a scholarship memorial fund for the 2 kiddos. I can give more info if anyone would like to help.... It is a sad day, and even a sadder day for the Special Ed Dept in Crandall ISD. She worked with special ed children and then taught art in the afternoon at the same school! :)

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delores said...

I am so sorry. This disease is so a life shattering for the whole family and my heart goes out to them. As you probably know, Stanley, Nancy, Clif, Diana and I lost our mother at a young age to breast cancer. This is just so heart breaking.