November 30, 2008

David & Rusty

Sunday evening was lazy. David and I spent it watching TV and playing on the computer. While David was taking rest brakes, Rusty was using him as a bed. See!?!

Christmas shopping update

Well, all Christmas shopping is done for the exception of one person. At least i have an idea of what to get him.

Monica and I set out early on Friday to go shopping. Left the house around 7:30 am and got back around 4:30 pm. We went to all the stores we intended to, had a nice lunch and found about 90% of all the items we needed, and a few things for us. :)

I came home pooped so I stayed home while Mary Lou and David went to go see Sulphur Springs High School football team play at Texas Stadium (and won). They came home and we were all pooped and we all hit the hay. We had a nice time with Mary Lou, she needs to come and visit/stay with us more often.

Christmas tree is set up and looking good but I swear I am missing a box of Christmas ornaments. I don't remember the tree looking so naked last year. I may need to make a trip to Garden Ridge to fill in the holes. Pictures of the finalized christmas tree are coming.

OK, now I must go and check on my homemade apple pie I am experimenting with. I ll post the recipe on the blog if it turns out good. It only took 10 minutes to prepare.

Love all

November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had another awesome Thanksgiving. Food flowed, many hugs, good conversations, football, the normal...In short, we had a super time and we were super full when we got done. I met another member of our family, Uncle Felix from Boston.

Enjoy the photos!

November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-Law

A very special Happy Birthday goes out to my mother in Law, Mary Lou!

We hope you have a happy birthday and we will see you tomorrow!

Birthday Comments @
Birthday Comments @

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2008

Just another Thursday night

Just another Thursday night at the Foster household....that means dinner with friends Monica and Mark...and Beans....and Rusty...and Elvis....and Texas Ranger...and Walker....whew! I am tired of naming pets! That should be a sign. :)

November 19, 2008

Store Opening!

So my news are two weeks old but I have been so busy the last two weeks....Oh...Excuses excuses, I know.

However, I wanted to brag on my mom a little bit. She opened her second store about 2weeks ago and I am very proud of that. My dad and I went to the store celebration (for employees only) and got meet my mom's old team and new team, all the people were so wonderful and kind. I can see why mom likes her job so much.

My mom even got to cut the ribbon with Dallas' mayor! How cool is that?

Check for your self, we had a lot of fun that evening!

November 08, 2008

Busy Saturday

Today has been a crazy day. Woke up extra earlier so I could run many errunds this morning. By the time I got home, I was pooped.

Tonight is a very special night for my mom. She is opening her 2nd store tonight! Did I say it was her 2nd store? So proud!
The ribbon cutting ceremony is tonight so we are all going to celebrate. I will post some pictures.

Here are my worry free cats...this is off the subject...but they are so cute!

November 04, 2008

Why we vote in November and always on a Tuesday!

I found this interesting/trivial. I was curious why we vote in November and only on Tuesday! Here is your answer!

Why do we vote on a Tuesday... in November?

The short answer: We used to be a nation of farmers.

The long answer: Congress chose November because the harvest was over and the weather wouldn't be bad enough to prevent people from traveling.

As for Tuesday, people used to have to travel overnight to their polling location. (In 1845, horse was the preferred method of transport.) In an effort to avoid religious days of rest, Congress chose Tuesday, leaving Monday and Wednesday as travel days. Tuesday was voting (and horse-resting) day.