November 30, 2008

Christmas shopping update

Well, all Christmas shopping is done for the exception of one person. At least i have an idea of what to get him.

Monica and I set out early on Friday to go shopping. Left the house around 7:30 am and got back around 4:30 pm. We went to all the stores we intended to, had a nice lunch and found about 90% of all the items we needed, and a few things for us. :)

I came home pooped so I stayed home while Mary Lou and David went to go see Sulphur Springs High School football team play at Texas Stadium (and won). They came home and we were all pooped and we all hit the hay. We had a nice time with Mary Lou, she needs to come and visit/stay with us more often.

Christmas tree is set up and looking good but I swear I am missing a box of Christmas ornaments. I don't remember the tree looking so naked last year. I may need to make a trip to Garden Ridge to fill in the holes. Pictures of the finalized christmas tree are coming.

OK, now I must go and check on my homemade apple pie I am experimenting with. I ll post the recipe on the blog if it turns out good. It only took 10 minutes to prepare.

Love all



as long as my gift is good - all that matters
I shoped online last night

Laura said...

Awesome! You accomplished alot! I'm glad you had fun ;D