August 31, 2007


A lesson learned! I often get mad at people who make fun of other people for no reason, but today I drew a conclusion.....People who make fun of others are weak and are insecure about themselves or their I will no longer be mad at them, just feel sorry for them that they haven't outgrown that yet and haven't matured enough to act as an adult!

Anyway, just a thought for the day! Many times events like this seem simple, but do teach us all a lesson, a valuable life lesson with which you grow as a person and mature, as we all become seasoned adults...

August 30, 2007

It broke again!

It has been a rather productive day! I got a lot accomplished at work and put to rest a couple of problem files...that always makes me feel good!

Our freezer broke again...well...not the freezer...our plug tripped NO MO'!
It is time for a new plug.. Good thing all there was in there this time but a pound of chicken!

Tonight my mom and I are going to Rooms to Go to look for a new mattress...after that...we are off to Town East mall in search of a new comforter...Speaking of comforters, we still have not bought one for our bedroom...Maybe I can look for something tonight. I am not rushing into it, I want it to be perfect and to match our curtains in the bedroom.

My allergies are back, the last few days have not been good to me..I am taking 24 hour Alavert but it looks like I need to try an alternative!

Yesterday we had pouring down rain in Rockwall...It was so heavy and the winds were so strong that we lost power probably around 5 to 10 times within the hour..I was excited because I thought that there would be a good chance that Forney got some rain also...but, I was wrong, Very Wrong! No rain, not a drop!

Well, enough rambling...I shall go back and be productive,

August 29, 2007

August 28, 2007

Check out the Moon Tonight!

Taken at 9:00pm

Cartoons I grew up with! You don't need to know Russian!

Work Work Work!

Yep, so yesterday was David's last day off from his long weekend so we decided to actually do something productive....clean! We ate dinner which by the way was fabulous, David made home-made chicken tortilla soup and it was the BEST! Then we got to work! This list is quiete extensive for one night
~De-weeded the flower beds
~Killed/sprayed all ants outside
~Carpet washed 3 rugs in the house
~Cleaned all bathrooms
~Ironed Dave's uniforms
~Power washed outside windows and screen door
~And many little things got done, not worth mentioning...

Needless to say, by the time 10pm rolled around, we were both pooped and neither one of us hesitated to go to bed!

So, that is it....I got my passport last week so I am good to go...Sometime next week I will find time to get my social security card changed over....Apparantely there is no time frame for getting this done as there are no rules!

Ha! Lucky Me!

August 27, 2007

A Busy Weekend!

Wow! What a busy weekend! Friday at 5pm I dashed to Sulphur Springs to a rehearsal dinner (John & Sharla) Got done about 10pm or so and I drove back to Forney because Beans can't live without me and we were also dog-sitting so I needed to take the pooches outside for a pee brake...Also I had to work on Saturday morning so I drove...By the time I got into Forney, I was so tired, I don't even know how I ended up in bed with my pajamas was surreal!

Saturday I worked and came home for what I thought might be to a 1/2 hr nap...NOT!
I remembered that my wedding ring was STILL at Zales and I needed to pick it up since I felt naked without a ring...So I went to Town East to get it, in the process I decided to buy a dress to go to the wedding....came home...took in the car and drove back to Sulphur Springs.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, decorations were awesome & elegant and Dave looked good in his tux. Dave's mom & dad helped with the wedding..Renee Armstrong (the lady who planned my wedding) planned Sharla's & John's...!

Sunday was just a blur! I went to work (Yes people, I do work 7 days a week) We were going to go to the pool to play volleyball but time was short...we haven't grocery shopped or cleaned house...or even got a chance to relax so we passed on the volleyball game!

We made home made "subway" subs for dinner and peach cobble for desert, watched some TV and went to bed! Yep, that's the whole weekend! Not much.....

Today I am ironing out my trip details. Tickets will be here this week, plane tickets are ready to go...Hotel room will be reserved by the end of the day and the suitcase check off list was made last week! So, we are in super good shape!


August 23, 2007

Not Much!

Well, not much is happening right now! David and I had a quiet evening at home. We watched TV, played UNO, piddled on the Internet and went to bed!

The dog and the cat got their manicures and pedicures done last night couresy of the Olga Foster Beauty Boutique... :)
Beans was good when I trimmed her nails and Elvis put up a fight so Dave held him down and I trimmed...All escaped un-injured! Elvis even got a 'brushing'....

Right now Dave and I are planning a mini-vacation to the Grand Canyon..Either in November or December. I would like to go there and see it in an unusual way...covered in snow!
In fact, we are thinking about going to the South Rim and take a mule ride down to the Colorado River (it's an all day thing) then you stay in this awesome lodge where they feed you steak and wine and then in the morning you make your journey back up to the top of the Rim...Yes it is cold but you've got to remember that when you are in the bottom of the canyon, there is no wind so even 30F does not feel like 30F.

So, that's the plan anyway for now...Things may change between now and then...Right now we are focusing on our trip to the Carribean which is 28 days away. Very exciting.

My sister in law is going to Hawaii in a week or so and I think she is just going to love it...Such an experience...Such beauty!

Well, I need to go and visit a couple of clients....I am outie!

August 22, 2007

Battle has been won!

Many of you know the story of Olga Foster vs. Balch Springs IESI (Trash Pickup).... if you don't, I will tell you.

2 1/2 weeks ago, IESI came to the house to pick up our trash...a normal....beautiful day....birds chirping....wind blowing.... and then and IESI guys decides to ruin my day.

They pick up our trash and in the process they break my trashcan to the point that the wheels fall off b/c the axles are now broken (and cannot be fixed).... Now why would I care since IESI provides all their customer trash cans?......well, in City of Forney, we do not get IESI trashcans just the lovely service of getting our junk hauled away...

So, now that my day is ruined thanks to people who do not care...I call IESI in Balch to a lovely lady who tells me that the mgr will call me back tomorrow morning to settle this....

Hmmm, 2 1/2 weeks later and a dozen of vm' call back!

So, after lacking sleep and being in a bad mood, I call the Dallas IESI to file a formal complaint #2....I proceed to tell the "manager" about the broken trash can, the fact that the wheels were thrown in the yard in an attempt to cover up the broken wheels and the fact that our trashcan does not even stand up anymore....and remind him that a certain someone has ignored me for 2 1/2 weeks....

Now, I know that it is not a nice thing to do to rag on people and turn them in to their bosses for naughty behavior but after last night's attempt to fill out trashcan with junk, I couldn't stand the tipping trashcan that no longer could stand on its own... Did I mention that there is a black & white cop car outside my house....I am not getting big headed, but considering that my husband puts his life on the line everyday for citizens should earn us the right of an ounce of maybe not breaking out trash can or at least apologizing....

OK, Now I am done because we are getting reimbursed for our new trash can...

August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Monica!

Today is my Friend Monica's Birthday (for those of you who know the difference, it is Monica #2)
So, Happy Birthday to her!

Orkut Comments & Glitters , Myspace Comments

Dave and I have been pretty busy lately. Weekend came and gone! We played water volley ball on Sunday night, and lost. My abs are really hurting....great work out...

Last night Dave and I consumed our night by playing board games...We are still kids...We started off with skipping stones, progressed to Uno and finished the night off somewhere after 10pm with Monopoly...We shall continue Monopoly far I am winning...but 'tis no time to gloat...the game is not over yet!

Olga & Dave

August 17, 2007

Look at Me!

See, I can drive a boat, with my eyes closed and drink a Mountain Dew at the same time! Talk about talent!


Since we haven't seen a rainbow here in forever, I thought I would share my favorite rainbow with you. This picture was taken in Honolulu last Sept (the very 1st picture we took upon our arrival to Hawaii)

Yes, It is friday and I can feel it in the air! Too bad that air is hot and full of pollutants.

Either way, it is Friday and I am excited about the weekend. I have much work to do around the house, btw, that mopping never got done so I will be doing that. Tonight is our grocery shopping night, so I will be busy stocking the fridge and the pantry. Normally David and I do that together but not tonight...Dave and John are having a Bachelor party tonight...I think they are starting at Snuffer's in Rockwall and only God knows where they will actually end up! :) I'll be thinking about them! :) Not, I will be snoozing!

Sat I work as always but it is also our friend Kelly's bday (trooper wife) and we are celebrating by going out to eat! On Sunday we have plans to go to see Billy and Alanna (another trooper & wife) and play water volleyball...

Elvis has received a new nickname yesterday...We call him Elvira alot but yesterday he received a new name from me, Elvirus! Because he is being a pest! ...I think that cat is bi-polar!

Well, I hope everyone is safe this weekend, if you can avoid, stay out of trouble and jail...I'm low on bond money this month! J/K

August 15, 2007

I thought I was going to rest!

Nope, not today...My plans was to go home and relax and then mop my floors but that did not work out...I was asked to come in tonight instead of tomorrow so I did...In a way it worked out well since Dave was gone fishing and I wasn't going to see him anyway...But you know how when you have your heart set on going home & falling on those couch cushions and not getting up and then they go and shatter my *DREAM*! :(

Anyway, to make this lousy story short is that the weekend is approaching quickly. I am excited! I know we are going to go and visit Billy & AlAnna in Terrell to play water volleyball and I am going to clean my house and my kitchen rug could use a carpet cleaner's pretty much screaming for it! :)

Work has been busy, business has been excellent, what else can you ask for? Nothing at all! Our vacation is coming up...I am starting the count down for real now...I have a month, and I will be loading that boat and saying BonVoage! :) Dave can use a vacation too, he's worked really hard this year and has achieved so much, I need to reward the boy! :)

Well, that's all! Have a good night everyone! Stay out of Trouble!

August 14, 2007

That's some Sirius Fish!

Whew! What a day! I dashed to work to get a few things done and then I went to see a customer of mine in Carthage, TX...About 1/2 hour away from Shreveport... I stayed for a 30 min minute meeting and dashed back to Forney..Finally got home around 6pm...Driving a lot wears me out.

But, tomorrow is another busy day and I must stick it out and suck it up.

On a lighter note, Dave and I did a bit of shopping today...Dave got himself a Sirius radio for his trooper car because he was jealous of my sirius radio in my Jetta. Now he will be commercial free! We also bought a decoration for our kitchen and it is a tribute to all the fisher-people in the Yeremenko and Foster families...Check it out below!

Good Night, Love you all,
Olga & Dave

August 13, 2007

BACK IN 2001

Courtesy of my wonderful friend Laura, these are pictures from my freshman year in college, probably in spring of 2001. I think this was an Alpha Phi Omega event where I got pied, because it's fun! And, I looked goofy and back in the day when I was a 100lb...haha! Enjoy! feel Free to make fun of me! :)


August 12, 2007


I got allergies! The kind that make you feel like you have a cold. So naturally I tried getting my shift at the gym covered....with no success...So, needless to say I went to work sick! Bummer!

My mom came over for a visit yest,it was great to see her. She brought me some russian medication (cream) for my finger. it is suppose to suck all the crud out of my finger and help it feel better and not be so swollen. it is very stinky but i think it is starting to work. when I bend my finger, I don't think it is hurting as much as before.

Dave is finishing him last day of "night shifts" and starting on monday, we'll be a normal household for another 2 weeks. I hardly got to see him the last two weeks. I felt bad because Dave came home for lunch last night and I was asleep with my allergies and I think I kicked him out of the bedroom...don't remember for sure!

Tonight when I get home at 6pm, I will be pretty much going to bed and catching up on rest and sleep.....

Have a good one everyone!

August 10, 2007

A Busy Bee!

Howdy Everyone!
It's been a few crazy/busy days! I've been running around trying to get things done this week!

I got rid of Allstate as my insurance agent for the cars and went with Geico. I increased my insurance by 4x (which is great news) and saved $650/every 6 months versus Allstate.

With Allstate my policy was $1350 and with Geico (with 4x more insurance) it is only $700 for a 6 months policy.....did I mention outstanding customer service from Geico!
I left the house insurance with Allstate for now since Geico does not give multiple policy discounts and Allstate did not change my price since I pulled out the car policy! Anyway, needless to say, it was easy to do and pleasant to deal with Geico....Allstate however was grouchy!

I got some laundry done this week which is super, but more piled on, so never mind!

Dave came and ate with my last night when I was at the gym, he brought me Chick Fil A for dinner! He is so sweet!

Also, my sister posted a wonderful video of baby Sasha eating vegetables for the first time! You should watch it!

Love you all,

Check out this video: Sasha eating his veggies for the 1st time

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August 08, 2007

To All my Russian Friends & Family! Watch Video!

A simple update!

Hello All,

Well, I haven't really written anything because I have been very busy and with very little rest....:(

I did get a haircut yesterday, the same one, so's more like I got it trimmed. Almost all my highlights that I did for the wedding (last year) are almost gone, and that is what I want...In one more trim, it will be completely gone.

Only about 43 days left until our vacation to Florida and the Carribbean Cruise. We are super excited. We are hooked on cruises for now!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys another 99F day...It is certainly getting old! But not to worry, fall is just around the corner!


August 06, 2007


Sat afternoon we went to visit my sister and the baby! the best baby in the world.
Sasha can now support his head very well and he loves to sit on his dads lap. Also, Sasha is very good at grabbing things (like rattles) and hanging on to them. He loves to smile and he laughts so funny, he liked playing pick-a-boo with me and Dave! I took a few pictures so I wanted to share those with everyone! Everyone should love baby Sasha as much as we love him! haha!

Love you all,
Dave & Olga

And this is how I feel Today! Mondays Stink!

Funny Pictures

August 05, 2007

Pool Party!

We went to our friends apt today in Terrell. They had food and a pool there!
We met a lot of terrific people there and played an awesome game of water volleyball.
More of a 5 hr game (3 rounds of 3 games per round) and my team won...Dave and I were on the same team! We have a lot of fun tonight and did not get home until 9pm!
A little bit of sun never hurt noone! :)


Happy Anniversary to my MOM & DAD!
They have been married for 27 years today!
We wish them the very best!

we have celebrated their anniversary just a little bit yesterday
with a lunch!

We love you,
Olga and Dave

August 04, 2007


Hmmmmmmm...It's hard to stay awake when you only got 6 hrs of sleep...I need my beauty rest of 8 or 9 hrs...I am spoiled!

Dave came home last night and we had so many things do get done around the house b/c he's been gone for 2 whole weeks. Between yard work and house work, we did not go to bed until midnight....and then i had to go to work!Yuk!

It's OK, my day is going to get brighter soon..I get off work in an 1 1/2 hours and I will go home. My parents are coming over for lunch (that Dave is making for us) Brats with hot dog buns and beans and corn on the cob off the grill... We will then dash over to my sisters to help her out with a few things and to also check out the baby! Also, my friend Monica will be visit me at my sisters b/c she purchased my sisters dining room table and china...

so, My Sat will be full of visits and fun! Tomorrow we are going to Billy and Alannas to grill and swim in the pool! YAY!


August 02, 2007


I am very tired this week....i am sure it has a lot to do that I haven't seen Dave in so long..I am having Dave withdraws.

I went to my friend Monica and Mark's house last night, they fed me delicious dinner and then we caught up on all the gossip! Fun!

Work has been crazy. I like it busy, it makes my day go by faster! :)

This weekend I am going to see my sister and my nephew..I ll take a picture of him so everyone can see how much he has grown! My sister is selling her house so anyone interested or know someone interested in a house in Allen, contact me!

Other than that not much is going on...Last night I was awakened by a bloody murder scream of some cat. I was ticked off and I threw the pillow at the blinds and window in hopes that the cat outside will shut up...well he did....when i woke up in the morning and opened the window, I found Elvis sitting in the rose bush outside my bedroom window and waiting until i let him in...He snuck out last night and had him a night out...his first night out outside ever! Yep, he is no longer allowed to do that....I don't even know how he got out...He is SNEAKY SNEAKY!

Love you all,
Olga Foster

August 01, 2007

Ear Irrigation

Yep, had that done today! Although painful, I feel like a normal person who can hear. I definately hear better. This will help me with my sinus problems since in some cases removing old impacted wax makes a difference.
The peroxide bucket (after ear irrigation) was disgusting and I recommend this procedure to anyone! It feels great now that I am done...

I was told today by Dr. Stark (Baylor Medical in Heath, TX) that use of QTips is actually dangerous because it creates an impaction. Instead, use a wash cloth and only clean around the ear, do not stick it in your ear drum. Also, putting 1 or 2 drops of either baby oil or olive oil once a month is very helpful because it will keep your wax from hardening and it will flow out of your ear naturally.

Although this is disgusting, I wanted to share this with you especially if I can change someone from using QTips and being in the position that i was....My ears no longer itch or hurt...I am a new person!


Well, David did find out today that he passed test #1 so he did not get sent home today. However, for a couple of guys...well, let's just say they weren't as lucky and were sent packing....

Good Job David!