August 28, 2007

Work Work Work!

Yep, so yesterday was David's last day off from his long weekend so we decided to actually do something productive....clean! We ate dinner which by the way was fabulous, David made home-made chicken tortilla soup and it was the BEST! Then we got to work! This list is quiete extensive for one night
~De-weeded the flower beds
~Killed/sprayed all ants outside
~Carpet washed 3 rugs in the house
~Cleaned all bathrooms
~Ironed Dave's uniforms
~Power washed outside windows and screen door
~And many little things got done, not worth mentioning...

Needless to say, by the time 10pm rolled around, we were both pooped and neither one of us hesitated to go to bed!

So, that is it....I got my passport last week so I am good to go...Sometime next week I will find time to get my social security card changed over....Apparantely there is no time frame for getting this done as there are no rules!

Ha! Lucky Me!