April 19, 2010

Easter project with mom & dad

Easter project with mom & dad~
We spent about an hour playing with washable paints. We made foot and hand prints for the family! It was really fun and Ben enjoyed the slime between his fingers.

April 18, 2010

A fuzzy chicken!

I am not even going to explain this....just enjoy the pictures!

New Bathtub for Master Ben!

Check out our new big boy bathtub!

Thanks Asel

Thanks to my sister! Unfortunately the song was wrong but my sister was able to determine the show. V mire zhivotnix is the show and to be more correct, here is the music from the show. Thanks Asel!

Question for the Russians! LOL!

Ok, I know my family and I grew up with this song but the main questions is this.....There was a 1 hour Russian animal show that come on once a week that used this song in their credits....Does anyone remember that animal show? I really want to find it in Russian and buy the series for Ben....Thanks for any help!

Easter and 5 month Birthday!

Ben turned 5 months old on Easter! It was a great day because Sasha got to play with his cousin Sasha with Easter Eggs and cars!

April 02, 2010

Some Terrific Photos from Sasha's Party!

Sasha's 3rd Birthday was a huge success! We all had a lot of fun but most importantly Sasha had fun and received tons of great presents! Ben had a busy day that day, he literally got to see all his family...All Grandmas, All grandpas, All Great Grandmas, Aunt Asel & Uncle Philippe and Cousin Sasha! What an amazing day!

Sasha, I hope you grow to be healthy, beautiful boy! Happy Birthday again!