September 21, 2007


Howdy all,

Just a quick Bye as we are leaving this morning... We'll be back in 9 days...
I will be sure to post lots of pictures!

Take care,

David & Olga

September 20, 2007

Surgeon Visit!

Visted 2 Sergions today at Lakepointe Hospital in Rockwall...What fun!
Basically, short synopsis of this is a hernia, it's umbellical,
it is not doing any damage, it is tiny, there are no intenstines that are being suffucated
due to this....there is a piece of fat (big piece) in between the hernia and the intenstines.
No heavy lifting, over 15lb, no exercises for the back where I have to do 180 degree stretches, bad for the hernia...all my pains are due to movements and stretches.
Basically I need to alleaviate that from my life for a while.

Both surgeons recommended not to take the hernia out at this time unless it becomes unberable but rather change my lifestyle a bit....If however, these pains come back, then the hernia will be taken out by Dr. Arslander at LakePoint with a matter of a phone call.

Love you all

Pack Pack Pack!

I am getting really antsy because I am exciting about leaving tomorrow. Our flight is in the morning, around 11am so we don't have to get up at crack of dawn and well be in Miami around 1. We will begin our South Beach Adventures then.....yay! BTW, we are staying in a beautiful Hyatt right on the beach so hooray for that!

Tonight we are going to start packing...I've been meaning to do it all this week but things always come up like you can't pack the clothes you don't I had to do laundry and get everything ready....We did not buy any new clothes for the trip this year because it seemed like we had everything in place.

Dave went to work super early this morning (4am) while I was still snoozing extremely hard to do commercial vehicle inspection...he wants to get 8 of them out of the way so when we get back, all he would have left is 12 more for his certification and his class.

Much still needs to be done before we leave..As I mentioned, we are not packed, we sill need to make a wal mart trip, the yard needs to be mowed and the house picked up...

Well, that's it folks, until tomorrow

September 18, 2007

An Insane Day!

Everything that could have gone possibly wrong at work, did! We literally had to choose which customers were more important than others....We are so short staffed that it makes me cringe......

Other than that, I had to go and visit a couple of customers today in Plano and I almost got into 20 wrecks....People just don't watch anymore...why do people change lanes without using blinkes, that's why they are there people! :(

Oh well, the day is almost over....Dave and I are meeting at 5:30 today at Massage Envy courtesy of my lovely sister...I think last christmas she gave me and dave certificates and we are just now using them..... thanks to my sister again!

I also picked up a new phone for Dave. His work phone is pretty much 'poo' so Philippe was kind enough to give him one of his older's fancy and it got a camera and an MP3 player! I am sure Dave will have tons of fun with it.

Tonight we are meeting with Monica and Mark. Monica will be taking care of Elvis while we are gone. Elvis is a picky cat so there are list of instruction I need to give her. She is sweet to do that!Hey Monica, I ll bring you something back from the islands... :)

Other than that, that's all...We are on a deadline...the packing this weekend never happened so I will have to do that either Wed or Thu night....

Have a good one all!

September 17, 2007

Sunday Night!

Well, the house is clean and ready to go! I just wanted to be sure I left the house clean before we left...Laundry and ironing is done, all we have left to do is pack and get our hair cuts before we leave, I am starting to look like a hairy little rat! The hair on my head is starting to stand up in different ways and many times I can't even control it.. :) It's time for a cut!

Last night we went to see my sister and baby! The baby has got the most amazing big blue eyes....they are huge and they are un-believably bright blue....He was a bit cranky and tired but he let David and me play with him for a bit! He went to bed and all of us had a chance to catch up on news/gossip and future plans.

Philippe and my sister made us a great soup out of chicken and almonds, it was deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

September 16, 2007

Weekend Update!

Promised picture of John & Sharla's wedding!

This weekend has been pretty good in the sense of relaxation..I worked on Saturday morning and then came home to do laundry and about 3 hrs of ironing...which I completed...Thend Dave came home and went went to visit my grandma and to bring her a few goodies....

Sunday isn't yet over but I know it will be busy since I need to clean the entire house today and that takes forever....Also, as soon as Dave comes home, we are going to go and see the baby and give him his 6 months birthday gift...his b-day really isn't until later on in the month but since we'll be vacationing in heavens, we'll miss it...

Dave and I got our regular bands together, polished and ready. They are regular 10K gold bands that we'll exchange on our anniversary! Sometimes you just need a plain ol' band, sometimes wearing the 'rock' is plain hard work! :)

Anyway, that's the update!

Have a good one!
Olga & Dave

September 13, 2007

Typical Night

Last night Dave tried a new recipie from our new grilling cook book.
He made mashed potatoes from scratch and Mount Olymus meatballs? They were good, actually better than good, they were super....

Then it was time to pay some bills, do some dishes, take out recycling and sweep the house.....typical night...

I then proceeded to go play some games on the Internet and out of politeness I asked Dave if he wanted to play after me, that was a mistake I made....Because his answer was Yes! I was hoping he would say NO and then go watch TV and that way I did not look like a jerk, but it turned around and bit me in the behind! :) Lesson: Don't be so polite anymore! J/K

From that moment on, Dave became a addict...He played and played and played and then when we went to bed, he got up and went to play some more! :) Ha! and he tells me he is not an addict....

Couple of days ago we went to Jody and Kelly's house to watch the VMA highlights....Britney Spears in my opinion right now is lower than dirt....Ashamed to admit, I used to like her but her behavior and performance left a big hole in my heard....I am no longer a fan, to say the least!

Tuesday night our friends Monica and Mark took us out to On the Border, my favorite restaurant....and we dashed home b/c my parents were dropping off Dave's truck. BTW, Congrats to my parents, they bought a 46 inch plasma TV the other day!

Well, that's all the news! Slow packing and organization will begin this weekend so that we are not rushing on Thursday night!

Love you all,

September 11, 2007


I think everyone should take a moment of silence and think about all the Heroes!
I don't want to get into all the sentimental and heart breaking stuff, let's just say that a day above ground is a great day! We are all very lucky!

MySpace Comments

September 10, 2007

A Million Things!

Rain....I like the rain because I don't have to use my sprinklers. I am still in the water conservation mode.....
Rain is also getting on my nerves because I have to leave home early to get to work on time...
Rain is on my other last nerve because when it rains my dog will not go outside at the fear that she might melt so she just does her business on the puppy pad/office! :(

I am trying to loose these darn last 5 lb and they are kicking my weight is like a yoyo....first i am down to 120 and then back to's not that i am trying to loose the 5lb for weight purposes but to just bring my body fat index down to 20%...That's it....

Well, the mail guy is still delivering our mail to the wrong address.. I think he is dislexic....(sp?)Sometimes My mail ends up in Phase 4 of our subdevelopment and I live in Phase 1 (for those who are geographically challenged....that's far away!) :)

It is starting to look sort of likes the light but it does not like the heat so I am moving that darn tree from inside to out like every week. It is going in the office near an open window...and if it dies, than be it...It is so picky and I am currently made at the hibiscus tree and it's bizkits...

Needs to quit screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night...doesn't he get the point that noone is going to get up and give him attention in the middle of the night...not dave and not I care that he is lonely at 2am.....which is why he now sleeps in the garage...his choice actually! I think the 2 dumpsters in the garage keep him entertained.

Well, in an attempt to not look like a crazy girl, I will quit while I am ahead!
Good Day All! :)
Enjoy the rain! :(


September 08, 2007

Feeling Much Better Today

Today I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. I have been taking Zegerid and Maalox. Today, I only have slight pains in my stomach...If I had to compare my pains from yesterday on a scale of 1 - 10 it would be....
Yesterday 4
Today 2

So, that's it!

Today I signed up for Kaufman County Walk It Off Program.
In 8 weeks I need to walk 830 miles and David signed up too...Yes Dave!
He is part of my team, Team White Rock (our gym)....Our team captain is Ashley, my manager at the gym. I am very excited...This is really a self awareness program, figure our how much walking you do daily, weekly and monthly...

So, everyone have a good day today!


September 07, 2007


Just wanted to update everyone!
All the blood work came back today and the blood is great which eliminates any bacterial/viral causes of my abdominal ache.

I am getting referred to a GI/Surgeon so I will attempt to get an appt next week and begin working on the hernia.

As the day goes by, I realize that GERD might not be the cause. I took simple Maalox this morning which did not help and the pains only occur when I make certain movements (deep stretches, picking up heavy objects and etc) so this leads me and the doc to believe this is tissue/hernia related.....all pains....

We only had about an 1 1/2 hours worth of tests yest and in reality, that is not even a chip on an iceberg in my opinion. Right now I will pretty much do nothing to upset my hernia until I meet with a GI/Surgeon Doc.

Thank You for those who have me in your prayers. I will take this 'illness' slowly and attempt to get a true answer to the pains.....This is not the first doctor who though I may have Acid problems....A russian doctor 2 years ago prescribed Nexium to me which I never took! :) I am pretty sure this all goes back to my 1st hernia reconstruction surgery but until I hear my surgeon speak this words, I won't speculate...Until Later! Take care,

September 06, 2007

Doctors Appt!

Well, I had to call my doctor this morning and see if he could squeeze me in b/c I was tired of a dull pain in my abdomen...Although I am not a stranger to those, I have had many different diagnosis....

Anyway, after a mountain of lipases, Comp Metabolic Panels, mountain of poke-and-release, caugh tests and etc, my doctor really believes in his diagnosis and we will be very problem focuse for 2 weeks.

I had a hernia surgery when I was 7 (In Russia) and the Doc noticed right away that I had corrective surgery...He also said he feels like it is coming apart...the hernia...what do I do? Well, Nothing right now...We are monitoring it right now and I will have a weekly follow up with him for 2 weeks. The pains are tissue related b/c it only hurts when I make certain movements.

Atop of that, My doctor believes I have GERD (Acid Reflux)....For 1 week I will take Zegerid (omeprazole/sodium bicarbonate) and we'll go from there...Although not thrilled about the outcome, I do feel relieved.

The hernia will be left alone for now, b/c we are not 100% sure what is causing the dull pain right now, is it the Acid Reflux or is the hernia? Or is it both? by focusing on the problems we will be able to elimiate it.
The hernia will slowly begin to pertrude from my stomach when it's ready to be fixed. Surgery is a minor one, day surgery at the doc's office and I'll be home for dinner...We will focus more on it after vacation..

anyway, just wanted to give all an update!


September 04, 2007

Russian Acrobat Dog!

Beans has definately put on a show for us tonight. She was very playful and jumped really high with intense energy! So, since you guys could nto be here to watch this rare phenomenon, we took some pictures!

Olga & Dave

September 02, 2007

Hmmmm....Decisions Decisions!

There is an ice cream truck outside my door right now but I don't have any change, so I will continue to salivate as I write my blog...Oh good, he guy finally pulled away...

This weekend has been busy but good. I truly got to relax. Friday night I was busy as always. I began claning the house, do laundry, iron and grocery shop...Which I completed all my tasks...

Saturday morning I worked but came home to eat lunch with Dave and send him off to work...I then continued to do a bit more cleaning....Then I went to bed...

Sunday has pretty much been lazy...I got a bit more cleaning to do but that can wait as I do not work on Monday...Today I took the time to be with David and my pets...I really miss laying under the covers with Beans and Elvis (Yes I know I do that at nigth too but it's different when you are actually awake and can actually enjoy that)

Dave is off at work catching the watch out! Super Trooper is out and about it and they got their mean faces on as it is a holiday weekend!

Other than that not much is on! Dave finished registering us today with Carnival (all the legal mambo-jambo-passport-stuff) and we are good to go! for our anniversary we decided to give each other regular wedding bands which is highly needed!

That's it!
Hope everyone has a safe weekend and holiday. Please don't drink & drive!