September 18, 2007

An Insane Day!

Everything that could have gone possibly wrong at work, did! We literally had to choose which customers were more important than others....We are so short staffed that it makes me cringe......

Other than that, I had to go and visit a couple of customers today in Plano and I almost got into 20 wrecks....People just don't watch anymore...why do people change lanes without using blinkes, that's why they are there people! :(

Oh well, the day is almost over....Dave and I are meeting at 5:30 today at Massage Envy courtesy of my lovely sister...I think last christmas she gave me and dave certificates and we are just now using them..... thanks to my sister again!

I also picked up a new phone for Dave. His work phone is pretty much 'poo' so Philippe was kind enough to give him one of his older's fancy and it got a camera and an MP3 player! I am sure Dave will have tons of fun with it.

Tonight we are meeting with Monica and Mark. Monica will be taking care of Elvis while we are gone. Elvis is a picky cat so there are list of instruction I need to give her. She is sweet to do that!Hey Monica, I ll bring you something back from the islands... :)

Other than that, that's all...We are on a deadline...the packing this weekend never happened so I will have to do that either Wed or Thu night....

Have a good one all!

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