September 17, 2007

Sunday Night!

Well, the house is clean and ready to go! I just wanted to be sure I left the house clean before we left...Laundry and ironing is done, all we have left to do is pack and get our hair cuts before we leave, I am starting to look like a hairy little rat! The hair on my head is starting to stand up in different ways and many times I can't even control it.. :) It's time for a cut!

Last night we went to see my sister and baby! The baby has got the most amazing big blue eyes....they are huge and they are un-believably bright blue....He was a bit cranky and tired but he let David and me play with him for a bit! He went to bed and all of us had a chance to catch up on news/gossip and future plans.

Philippe and my sister made us a great soup out of chicken and almonds, it was deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

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