December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know it is not New Year yet but it will be soon so to All: Please accept our warm wishes for a blessed and happy 2008.

Tonight Dave and I are making a short pit stop at my parents to wish them an early Happy New Year and we are off to a party at Srgs house. It will be a fun night!
We were blessed this year. We were invited to multiple parties and we had to narrow it down. Thanks to all who have invited us and thought about us.

Here are a few pictures that most people did not get to see from Christmas...Note how big the baby has gotten!

Love you all

December 30, 2007

And the cats are back!

First off...Some of you don't know that I had the pleasure of taking my two new
kitties to the SPCA of Texas yesterday to get snipped...They were troopers on the way there and were troopers on the way back. They got spayed/neutered, all vaccinations and microchipped. When I got the SPCA, I had to wait an hour because Walker was not yet awake from her anesthesia although Texas Ranger was.

When we got home and let them out of the cage...they were still a bit drunk and stumbled across the room looking for their food and water...and boy....they were hungry.

This morning the cats do not look like they are in pain b/c i picked both of them up and all I heard is their motors turned on "high". They do not like their shredded paper for toilet since they can't use sand for a while but they will get over it.

Last night we went to a friends house to watch a UFC fight...which was great! Then off we went home to least I did....I am not sure if Dave even went to bed last night..all I know is I woke up at 5am and he was gone...

On a bit sadder note...please keep all of the Morels in your prayers today...the whole family is a bit under the weather with tummy aches....


December 27, 2007

My first attempts!

Yep, Dave was so sweet last night. When I got back from work, he set up my piano for me, it was all hooked up and ready to go so naturally I had to go and start learning the piano. I can now play Mary Had a Little Lamb and the first 3 measures of Fur Elise (easy version, which is hard....for me)

Tonight I will attempt to put in another 1/2 hr to an hour practicing. Last night I spent a total of 1 hr figuring stuff out.

Dave spent the night playing video games and watching his new DVD's on his new HD DVD Player....Ofcourse since I don't find any joy in that...I locked myself in the office and tinkered with piano...Beans was by my side for about 1/2 hour until she could no longer stand the wrong notes and the repetitive notes...she literally started to howl so I kindly asked her to leave the office....

Tonight we are going to Monica and Mark's to christen their new smoker Mark got for Christmas...I think the brisket has been cooking for 8 hrs now and will be ready for me when I get off work......

Love you all,
Just wanted to give you an update on our new toys.....


December 26, 2007

A great Christmas!

Christmas was amazing....especially for me since I got to spend it with both of the families at once.....My mom and dad joined us (all the Fosters and Fox's) for a wonderful Christmas....We had dinner at 6 which consisted of a fried turkey which Dave made, which by the way was fabulous....mashed potatoes, veggies, salads, and ofcourse desserts....

Around 7pm we started to open gifts which lasted 2 hrs...We got some wonderful gifts...My big gift was an electronic keyboard from Dave. I can't wait to go home and unpack it and play with it...I am like a kid...It has been my dream for 25 years to figure out piano and learn to play something as well as sight read music well. I am not new at music since I have played the clarinet from 6th grade through college band.....but piano is new to me.

Dave came out like a bandit with a XBox, gas leaf blower, stamp collection, HD Dvd player, clothes, and many other good things....

We enjoyed opening presents and watching all the family open theirs....We all need to make sure we remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and be thankful for what is in front of us. Everything happens for a reason!

Well, that is enough lollygagging...........I just wanted to thank everyone that came...everyone that thought of us during the season....and for a great time and great gifts!

Love you all,

December 22, 2007

Last Wednesday!

Last Wednesday David went to Crandall ISD to be Santa Clause at the Elementary school where Monica teaches...Check this out! According to Monica, Dave, I mean Santa Clause, was a big hit and is requested to attend the school next year.

December 18, 2007

Busy Tuesday!

What a day....Work is busy....slammed busy! I finally ate some lunch at 3pm.

Last night I finally finished all christmas cards and put them in the mail. Thank God! I was falling behind....

Yesterday evening my friend Monica came over to the house to drop off a Santa suite for David to wear today as he played Santa at Crandall ISD. Pictures and video will follow shortly. She stayed for dinner and Dave made us some awesome pork chops. We later took beans to see Grandma and Grandpa in Mesquite and stayed for a short visit.

Today, 5 minutes ago, I was reminiscing a bit, looking through some wedding photos...I found this one of my mom and dave and I never really paid much attention to it but I've come to a conclusion that this ia beautiful and elegant picture of both my mom and dave.

Well, that is all...

Love you all

December 17, 2007

Weekend Update....

Beanie's 3rd Birthday and Mary Lou.

It was a fabulous weekend this weekend!
I did absolutely nothing! And, that is what I intended to do.... :)
The house got picked up a bit...but I did not care to clean it even though I thought I was going to.

I spent Friday night doing nothing, Saturday night consisted of TV watching, lounging, napping, and deep sleep sleeping.

Sunday consisted of the very same items except my sister came to visit us in the morning with baby, Philippe, and my grandma....I then went back to sleep, lounge...and etc...

Oh yeah, I did do one productive thing....I passed out Avon catalogs to my neighbors...

The last two people whom I was worried about, as far as christmas gifts go, got figured out this weekend, so now I have no more worries. Ha!

So, there's an update

December 14, 2007

Could Not Resist not sharing these!

This week seem to have passed by way too quick. The shopping is done, (except for one person) and the house will be clean this weekend in anticipation of our guests for Christmas...Hopefully we will not dirt it up too much before then.

Dave went hunting yesterday but regretful to say, he killed nothing. He said he saw some things but that is it. Maybe next time.

This coming Friday will be a busy day for me....I have 2 parties to attend. TTL is having a party at lunch and Dave's work has a party in the evening on the same day.
I better chop chop and buy the stuff I was told to bring and/or make. We had to buy 2 gag gifts for Dave's party and we have really put some thought into it and outdid ourselves...I think people will like it. The purpose is to fight over the gifts.

Other than that, not much is happening...The kittens are going to SPCA to get snip snipped on Dec 29th...They have some time...I will tell them about this scheme of mine after Christmas.

Love you all,

December 11, 2007

Another weekend came & gone!

Had a fabulous weekend this past weekend.

Friday night my friends Monyka and Ryan drove to Forney from Waco to visit us...Stayed up Friday night doing absolutely nothing....

Saturday morning my friend Finis joined us and the 4 of us took off and went shopping to Tanger in Terrell. Did a little bit of spending but mostly looking around...Came home and made some hot dogs...Had a lovely evening playing games with Finis, Monyka and Ryan. We started off with Bingo, and moved on to Mind Trap...both were fun but I lost at Bingo...

In the evening I went to sign up my friend Melissa to become an Avon rep and then Dave and I went to visit my grandma at her apartment. Grandma got a new blood pressure monitor that is automatic and after a few tries, grandma was a natural at testing her blood pressure. :)

Sunday literally flew by. I got up about 10am, lazy me, and got dressed, made some garlic dip and went to another troopers' house to watch the Cowboys play. They won!
But I don't watch football, I used that time to hang out with the girls (Kelli, her mom and Laura (the newest addition to a Texas Ranger family). We went to the mall to spend more money and then I was tricked into eating deer chili.......enough said........In the evening, we went to see Susan sing at church and then to On the Border....

Monday flew by as well. Dave is on nights...I took care of some neglected laundry and ironing and spent some time loving on the kittens after which Beans got jealous....that is it.......

Love you all,

December 07, 2007


Yay! Everyone knows that I am an overachiever so even though we just came back from our vacation in October, I am already planning our next one which will probably take place either 2nd week of July or 1st week of August. We are going to Western Carribbean. Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. Since we have been to Eastern, we must now go West and later on South. There has even been small talks with our friends about coming with us.

Our friends Monyka and Ryan are coming this weekend from Waco to visit us, I am excited. I haven't seen Monyka since Dallas Pumpkin Festival.

On a sadder note...Please keep my grandma in your prayers since she's been sick since last Sunday. She does not have a fever but is very weak and has little appetite along with a side order of sniffles and high blood pressure. Her voice is very small and shaky! :( My mother has been visiting her every day and my sister and I've been calling her 10 times a day checking up on her....

I think that is all the news I got.....
Enjoy the picture, this is me and Finis I think our Junior year in College during Homecoming!

December 04, 2007


Yep, I haven't really updated my blog here it goes.

Weekend was busy and fun. I spent Sat with Monica at Canton, finishing off some last minute Christmas gifts and helping Monica spend her money also...partially on me...haha! but then i ended up buying her the same thing she bought me....i thought that was funny.

Sunday I spent at my sisters playing with baby and selling avon to my sister....I threatened her life if she did not buy anything so she did. We also took the christmas tree to her house and helped her set it up and delivered my granny's gift to her apt which is a brand new kitchen table from Rooms 2 go.

Dave was off Monday but he worked some extra hours on the side and got his first oil change at Cowboy Toyota....which reminds me...i need an oil change too! :( It is already bad enought I had to pump my own gas this morning, now I have to think about getting an oil change too? No worries, I will recruit Foster...

Other than that, not much.
Beans has gotten to the point of completely a lazy dog...she does not even get out of bed until we get home at 6.. Elvis helps her sleep too! The 2 devils stay in their own bedroom most of the time unless it is time to eat or relieves themselves...they have been very satanic lately and attack the christmas tree without any warning. They are getting neutred/spayed on Dec 29th...Merry Christmas to them! HA!

December 03, 2007

Butter vs. Margarine

Found this interesting!

By John Ross Harvey

I received an email recently
It pointed out the various differences between
Butter and Margarine

Margarine has 5 grams of Fat
Butter has 8 grams of Fat

Eating margarine will increase heart disease in 53% of women
Eating butter will increase the absorption of other food nutrients

Butter has nutritional benefits
Margarine has them, but they are added

Butter enhances food flavours
Margarine, …not so much

Butter has been here for centuries
Margarine for less than 100 years

Margarine is high in trans fats tripling your risk of coronary heart disease
Increasing your risk of cancer up to 5 fold
Increases total cholesterol and LDL (the bad kind)
Lowering HDL (the good one)
Lowers breast milk quality
Decreases Immune response and Insulin response

But worse than all of that
It is one molecule away from being PLASTIC

It’s an edible oil product
Plastic is made from oil

In George Carlin’s theory of our existence
We were created to make Plastic

We did that already, it’s time we left.

But before we do
I’ll have some hot buttered popcorn with Real Butter