December 18, 2007

Busy Tuesday!

What a day....Work is busy....slammed busy! I finally ate some lunch at 3pm.

Last night I finally finished all christmas cards and put them in the mail. Thank God! I was falling behind....

Yesterday evening my friend Monica came over to the house to drop off a Santa suite for David to wear today as he played Santa at Crandall ISD. Pictures and video will follow shortly. She stayed for dinner and Dave made us some awesome pork chops. We later took beans to see Grandma and Grandpa in Mesquite and stayed for a short visit.

Today, 5 minutes ago, I was reminiscing a bit, looking through some wedding photos...I found this one of my mom and dave and I never really paid much attention to it but I've come to a conclusion that this ia beautiful and elegant picture of both my mom and dave.

Well, that is all...

Love you all


Laura said...

it is a very beautiful picture...:)


Get some rest :-)