December 17, 2007

Weekend Update....

Beanie's 3rd Birthday and Mary Lou.

It was a fabulous weekend this weekend!
I did absolutely nothing! And, that is what I intended to do.... :)
The house got picked up a bit...but I did not care to clean it even though I thought I was going to.

I spent Friday night doing nothing, Saturday night consisted of TV watching, lounging, napping, and deep sleep sleeping.

Sunday consisted of the very same items except my sister came to visit us in the morning with baby, Philippe, and my grandma....I then went back to sleep, lounge...and etc...

Oh yeah, I did do one productive thing....I passed out Avon catalogs to my neighbors...

The last two people whom I was worried about, as far as christmas gifts go, got figured out this weekend, so now I have no more worries. Ha!

So, there's an update

1 comment:

Laura said...

nice weekend! it was perfect weather for it, wasn't it?
Hope you're doing great! :D
Love ya!