April 29, 2008

Vacation Update

We are back! What a great trip! We got to see enormous amounts of attractions and got to experience
Some great shows and learn some Vegas History.

We stayed pretty busy during out trip because Dave and I like to cram our schedule with many things when
We are out and about.

Dave flew in on Wednesday and we “piddled” Wednesday night around the Strip.

Thursday – David played golf with his 2 new Swedish guy friends (it was a long game) and the highlight of our evening was the David Copperfield show. It was an intimate show, only about 7 or 8 rows of people
And he walked around the rows so we got to see him extremely close up. What an awesome show! If you ever get to see it, DO!

Friday – got off work at noon and we were picked up for horseback riding at 2pm. We rode horses in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mojave Desert. It was awesome.
Vegas Vegetation is much different from Texas (and much different from what you see on the Strip). Palm Trees actually only grow around town and visitors, the rest is covered
In sand, sage brush, cactis and etc…….After our horseback ride, the Wranglers fed us steak and baked potato with apple pie for dinner. It was great…Roasted marshmallows were
Also on the menu.

Saturday – Hoover Dam Tour. What an amazing place. My knees literally buckled when I looked at the dam from top of the observation deck. 100 people have died building the dam and 1 dog who is also
Buried on site. We saw history of the dam, the hard work it took to build it, final results and took amazing pictures of the dam and lake Meade.
After the Dam tour we went to the Cacti Botanical Garden and Ethel M Chocolate Factory (Mars Candy Co) it was also amazing.
Saturday night we went to a Cabaret show called Crazy Horse. It was definitely an experience but overall a fantastic show!

Sunday morning our flight left at 6am and so we woke up at 4am to get to Macarran Airport b/c it is a disorganized airport with poor logistics. It took us almost 2 hrs to get our E Tickets, check in our luggage and
Go through security. Luckily we had 2 hrs to do that, that we planned for. We slept the entire flight back which was a blessing!

That is all, I just wanted to give you guys an update.
Pictures will be posted separately, on my blog tonight so please come back and check them out.
Also, for all the family I will be making a snapfish as always.


April 24, 2008

I love Vegas

So the National Sales Meeting is going great but much work is involved. Many sessions/speakers/modules to go over. But I fully believe in working hard but playing even harder.

Tuesday night I spent with my co-workers in the Casino at Luxor (which is where we are staying) Slots and Black Jack were on my agenda after loosing $120 at Black Jack I decided I was done....BTW, I was spending someone elses money. :) The bar was only 3 steps away....and I fully took advantage of that. Later on we went to a 5 Star Restuarant at Luxor called Fusion (Chinese food with a modern twist) I had the Mongolian Beef. Finally after spending all the money I went upstairs and fell on the bed......

Wednesday....Dave came! Yay! He had a good flight and got here without any adventures. He relaxed at the hotel and as soon as I got out of my banquet at 9pm we dashed to the David Copperfield Show...That's right! DAVID COPPERFIELD himself. It was an amazing show....People disappeared, appeared, shirt ties danced, ducks did tricks, bodies shrunk, cars levitated, numbers guessed, cards revealed, and on and on and on...If anyone ever has an opportunity to see him....DO! You will not regret.

Today is Thursday and Dave is Golfing at Legacy. His had a tee time at 1:40pm and he was suppose to have played by himself but he ended up pairing up with a couple of guys and he is still playing.... Tonight we are heading to the strip...specifically Bellagio (Living gardens and fountains) and possibly to the Venetian for a ghandala ride and the Shark Display.

Will write more laters.

April 22, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

So I leave today at lunch.
Beans got dropped off at Laura's yesterday, the cats are being "monitored" by Monica. Got my house in order and got the neighbors on "crime watch".

Today is more or less a free day for travel, settling in and etc.

Dave comes in tomorrow and on Thursday he is playing golf at a PGA Golf Course. I scheduled his tee time for afternoon b/c it was half price and it is not hot over there at all, low 80's for high.

Friday I get off work at noon and we will be going on a John Wayne Horse Back Ride Adventure. It is a sunset horseback ride with a steak dinner at the end around a campfire...Friday night will be spent sight seeing other things like the Wax Museum, The Strip, and I want to take a ghandala ride.

Saturday morning we will get picked up to go on the Hoover Dam Tour, Chocolate factory tour, Cacti Botanical garden and that evening we will check out more of the strip including the Living Gardens at Bellagio.

Sunday around 11am we fly back home....to rest from our weekend.....like Susan, I think we are going to need a weeekend from our weekend.

April 20, 2008


My mom brought me this giant watermelon the other day....well since it was so big
I recruited my Wednesday night crew to help me eat it.
Ha! This watermelon was huge. Monica and I started to eat in on Tuesday night and knocked out about a 1/3 of it and Wed night we took care of the rest.

April 15, 2008


Last night we went out to a Japanese Restaurant/Hibachi Grill in Rowlett. We've been trying to go there for a year now but David and I don't live a normal life b/c of David's schedule so it is difficult to make date nights....So, last night we made it work. I dropped off my carpool in Mesquite and dashed to Rockwall to meet David at the station.

This is an intimate place....makes a good date....We came there at 6 and we had the whole room to ourselves which was super! David had Mongolian Beef which was excellent....how would I know?.....well...I Kept on picking off his plate last night...

I had sushi....Tuna, White Fish, Salmon, Tuna Tataki,Tempura Rolls and 2 house rolls.
Mighty Good!
I highly recommend this place especially if you are trying to have a romantic dinner. The candle lit table, dimmed lights, pure silence.......ahhhhh!

OK, enought with the restaurant review....some of us have to work for a living...

April 13, 2008


I've come to a conclusion that people can not use the common statement of "Money does not grow on tress"....Money = paper, paper = tree....Hence....Money does grow on trees!

So, there is your random thought for the week.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

~Captain Random

April 10, 2008

My Angels!







April 07, 2008

The Good and The Bad!

This weekend has been both great and sad!

First the sad! Our friend’s mom passed away late last week after spending much time in the hospital. It breaks my heart to see our friend
In such sorrow so please keep him and his family in your prayers. It is particularly difficult for me to grasp because we are all the same age and our
Parents are all the same age. Please think of his family in a particularly difficult time.

On a lighter note….I took David shopping this weekend. He got a bit of new things in his closet for the spring. New jeans and tennis shoes were definitely in order for David.
After picking out some clothes, David also got a bi-pod for his new rifle. Big Fun for me, ya know!!! 

On Sunday we came back to Academy sports and bought 2 awesome mountain bikes. David picked out a Red Schwinn 21 speed bike and I got the same bike in a purple color
That is a bit more suitable for a lady. We took our new bikes to Bruton Soccer Complex in Mesquite and rode the trails there which was super fun. In the evening, we went riding again
In the neighborhood. We also went to visit Jody/Kelly and Mike/Jamie in the evening….Come to find out Mike/Jamie got married at the end of last month, in Vegas. So Big Congrats go out
To the happy couple.

That is it!
Will update later, here is the pic of our bikes.

April 04, 2008


Today is my doggies birthday. Today Beans turns 4 years old...
She has been a great family addition to us and I am looking forward
to many-many more birthays!

April 03, 2008


Seriously, it has been so busy, so I am sorry for not posting any updates.

This week is truly running by! We finished our year at work on March 31 with a huge BANG! Quota met on top line and gross profit...which is awesome.....My dept quota is really big, $15 Million between 4 established sales people.....

Now that we are done, we are getting our pipeline ready for next year, which is exciting in what it may bring....Vegas is only a couple of weeks away so both of us (David and myself) are excited for a few reasons.
1) David has never been, so I have much to show him
2) Uh, hello! Vacation!
3) Our planned itenerary will include
~Cacti Botanical Garden
~Chocolate Factory
~Hoover Dam
~Lake Meade
~Colorado River
~Obviously the usual (The strip, casinos, buffett, ghanda rides)

I am very excited!

On a slightly different note. Texas Ranger (as I mentioned earlier) got de-clawed last week. He did have excessive bleeding in one of the paws, so he received a staple which was removed on Tuesday and he is puuuuurrrrrfect! BTW, he is a completely different cat now (in my opinion) as soon as we brought him home (and now)
he has been a lap cat. His personality has truly turned around from Satan to Angel!

That's all folks!