April 15, 2008


Last night we went out to a Japanese Restaurant/Hibachi Grill in Rowlett. We've been trying to go there for a year now but David and I don't live a normal life b/c of David's schedule so it is difficult to make date nights....So, last night we made it work. I dropped off my carpool in Mesquite and dashed to Rockwall to meet David at the station.

This is an intimate place....makes a good date....We came there at 6 and we had the whole room to ourselves which was super! David had Mongolian Beef which was excellent....how would I know?.....well...I Kept on picking off his plate last night...

I had sushi....Tuna, White Fish, Salmon, Tuna Tataki,Tempura Rolls and 2 house rolls.
Mighty Good!
I highly recommend this place especially if you are trying to have a romantic dinner. The candle lit table, dimmed lights, pure silence.......ahhhhh!

OK, enought with the restaurant review....some of us have to work for a living...


Susan said...

you suck! that's my favorite restaurant for sushi...mmm-mmm

Olga said...

I am sorry! How about we go again...dave and i really enjoyed it and i am not going to turn down going there again...care to make it a date?

Anonymous said...

See Please Here


:) you like sushi now, ha!
do you eat wasabi?