April 07, 2008

The Good and The Bad!

This weekend has been both great and sad!

First the sad! Our friend’s mom passed away late last week after spending much time in the hospital. It breaks my heart to see our friend
In such sorrow so please keep him and his family in your prayers. It is particularly difficult for me to grasp because we are all the same age and our
Parents are all the same age. Please think of his family in a particularly difficult time.

On a lighter note….I took David shopping this weekend. He got a bit of new things in his closet for the spring. New jeans and tennis shoes were definitely in order for David.
After picking out some clothes, David also got a bi-pod for his new rifle. Big Fun for me, ya know!!! 

On Sunday we came back to Academy sports and bought 2 awesome mountain bikes. David picked out a Red Schwinn 21 speed bike and I got the same bike in a purple color
That is a bit more suitable for a lady. We took our new bikes to Bruton Soccer Complex in Mesquite and rode the trails there which was super fun. In the evening, we went riding again
In the neighborhood. We also went to visit Jody/Kelly and Mike/Jamie in the evening….Come to find out Mike/Jamie got married at the end of last month, in Vegas. So Big Congrats go out
To the happy couple.

That is it!
Will update later, here is the pic of our bikes.



are you loving your bikes?
did you buy mounts to attach bikes to the car?

Olga said...

no, that is why we own a truck

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Laura said...

Cool bikes! :D