April 03, 2008


Seriously, it has been so busy, so I am sorry for not posting any updates.

This week is truly running by! We finished our year at work on March 31 with a huge BANG! Quota met on top line and gross profit...which is awesome.....My dept quota is really big, $15 Million between 4 established sales people.....

Now that we are done, we are getting our pipeline ready for next year, which is exciting in what it may bring....Vegas is only a couple of weeks away so both of us (David and myself) are excited for a few reasons.
1) David has never been, so I have much to show him
2) Uh, hello! Vacation!
3) Our planned itenerary will include
~Cacti Botanical Garden
~Chocolate Factory
~Hoover Dam
~Lake Meade
~Colorado River
~Obviously the usual (The strip, casinos, buffett, ghanda rides)

I am very excited!

On a slightly different note. Texas Ranger (as I mentioned earlier) got de-clawed last week. He did have excessive bleeding in one of the paws, so he received a staple which was removed on Tuesday and he is puuuuurrrrrfect! BTW, he is a completely different cat now (in my opinion) as soon as we brought him home (and now)
he has been a lap cat. His personality has truly turned around from Satan to Angel!

That's all folks!


Susan said...

you might consider laser declawing for walker. our vet offers it (we used it with meeko). it's a little more expensive, but there's very little bleeding or pain. the animal hospital of heath is a sister clinic to ours, so i'm guessing they offer it. just a thought to prevent another incident like tr's.


I am still sad your kitty was in pain, or bleeding.
I am happy he is well now.

It will be a great vacation for you guys! How exciting!

Laura said...

It'll be a fun vacation and I am glad TR is feeling so much better!