March 30, 2008

Weekend Update!

A great picture of my grandma at the Arboretum a couple of weeks ago. It has been a while since I posted pictures of granny, so enjoy!

Not sure what even happend to yesterday! :(
Monica and I went to our art class yesterday and we painted streets of Paris, not one of my favorite paintings. It is suppose to be a wet street with reflections but it looks like by the time Monica and I got done, our paintings looked more like "flooded" Paris. Go Figure!

After my little nap, Dave and I took off to Brookshires for some groceries, then to Sam's Club then to WalMart. What a long trip that was. We came home around 9 and sealed the day with a giant steak that Dave kindly made for me.

Texas Ranger got de-clawed on Thursday, we brought him home Friday night and he seems to be doing well. We have to take him back on Monday because he had excessive bleeding in both paws (which is extremely rare and unusual). They gave him stitches in his paws which they will try to remove on Monday. We'll keep you updated. Walker is my next little project. I did not do them at the same time b/c I did not want 2 sick cats walking around the house. But TR is in a good mood, very playful and on Friday, for the first time, he tried to sharpen his front claws with a pathetic, no success look on his face. Poor cat finally realized he is missing a few claws. :(

Dave took today off and we are heading to Baby's 1st B-Day party. It is at my sisters house & Dave and I are bringing some food. We made meat balls, sandwich station with a variety of sliced cheeses and drinks. My mom is making very delicious cookies and my sister should have a fruit plate. That should do it. I will post some pics laters.

Love you all,
Olga & Dave


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Nadia said...

Great !


you guys threw a great party. thank you !