April 24, 2008

I love Vegas

So the National Sales Meeting is going great but much work is involved. Many sessions/speakers/modules to go over. But I fully believe in working hard but playing even harder.

Tuesday night I spent with my co-workers in the Casino at Luxor (which is where we are staying) Slots and Black Jack were on my agenda after loosing $120 at Black Jack I decided I was done....BTW, I was spending someone elses money. :) The bar was only 3 steps away....and I fully took advantage of that. Later on we went to a 5 Star Restuarant at Luxor called Fusion (Chinese food with a modern twist) I had the Mongolian Beef. Finally after spending all the money I went upstairs and fell on the bed......

Wednesday....Dave came! Yay! He had a good flight and got here without any adventures. He relaxed at the hotel and as soon as I got out of my banquet at 9pm we dashed to the David Copperfield Show...That's right! DAVID COPPERFIELD himself. It was an amazing show....People disappeared, appeared, shirt ties danced, ducks did tricks, bodies shrunk, cars levitated, numbers guessed, cards revealed, and on and on and on...If anyone ever has an opportunity to see him....DO! You will not regret.

Today is Thursday and Dave is Golfing at Legacy. His had a tee time at 1:40pm and he was suppose to have played by himself but he ended up pairing up with a couple of guys and he is still playing.... Tonight we are heading to the strip...specifically Bellagio (Living gardens and fountains) and possibly to the Venetian for a ghandala ride and the Shark Display.

Will write more laters.

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you are having a great time, eh? I got your photo, thank you so much