December 03, 2007

Butter vs. Margarine

Found this interesting!

By John Ross Harvey

I received an email recently
It pointed out the various differences between
Butter and Margarine

Margarine has 5 grams of Fat
Butter has 8 grams of Fat

Eating margarine will increase heart disease in 53% of women
Eating butter will increase the absorption of other food nutrients

Butter has nutritional benefits
Margarine has them, but they are added

Butter enhances food flavours
Margarine, …not so much

Butter has been here for centuries
Margarine for less than 100 years

Margarine is high in trans fats tripling your risk of coronary heart disease
Increasing your risk of cancer up to 5 fold
Increases total cholesterol and LDL (the bad kind)
Lowering HDL (the good one)
Lowers breast milk quality
Decreases Immune response and Insulin response

But worse than all of that
It is one molecule away from being PLASTIC

It’s an edible oil product
Plastic is made from oil

In George Carlin’s theory of our existence
We were created to make Plastic

We did that already, it’s time we left.

But before we do
I’ll have some hot buttered popcorn with Real Butter

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