December 04, 2007


Yep, I haven't really updated my blog here it goes.

Weekend was busy and fun. I spent Sat with Monica at Canton, finishing off some last minute Christmas gifts and helping Monica spend her money also...partially on me...haha! but then i ended up buying her the same thing she bought me....i thought that was funny.

Sunday I spent at my sisters playing with baby and selling avon to my sister....I threatened her life if she did not buy anything so she did. We also took the christmas tree to her house and helped her set it up and delivered my granny's gift to her apt which is a brand new kitchen table from Rooms 2 go.

Dave was off Monday but he worked some extra hours on the side and got his first oil change at Cowboy Toyota....which reminds me...i need an oil change too! :( It is already bad enought I had to pump my own gas this morning, now I have to think about getting an oil change too? No worries, I will recruit Foster...

Other than that, not much.
Beans has gotten to the point of completely a lazy dog...she does not even get out of bed until we get home at 6.. Elvis helps her sleep too! The 2 devils stay in their own bedroom most of the time unless it is time to eat or relieves themselves...they have been very satanic lately and attack the christmas tree without any warning. They are getting neutred/spayed on Dec 29th...Merry Christmas to them! HA!

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table is not from Rooms to go :-)