December 07, 2007


Yay! Everyone knows that I am an overachiever so even though we just came back from our vacation in October, I am already planning our next one which will probably take place either 2nd week of July or 1st week of August. We are going to Western Carribbean. Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. Since we have been to Eastern, we must now go West and later on South. There has even been small talks with our friends about coming with us.

Our friends Monyka and Ryan are coming this weekend from Waco to visit us, I am excited. I haven't seen Monyka since Dallas Pumpkin Festival.

On a sadder note...Please keep my grandma in your prayers since she's been sick since last Sunday. She does not have a fever but is very weak and has little appetite along with a side order of sniffles and high blood pressure. Her voice is very small and shaky! :( My mother has been visiting her every day and my sister and I've been calling her 10 times a day checking up on her....

I think that is all the news I got.....
Enjoy the picture, this is me and Finis I think our Junior year in College during Homecoming!



Grandma is doing better, she is at my house now.
How is Monyka?

I am working on my xmas cards, so you may get one soon :-)



oh and she likes her blood pressure monitor, actually it is a better one that you got. I showed her how to use it ( about 3-4 times), she got it now.

Have a wonderful Monday and I will have you in my heart all morning, then call me later on.

I sent few pics of couple of improvements in my new house via e-mail

Челита said...

Здравствуй, Оленька!
Надеюсь, что тебе будет легче понять моё письмо, чем мне твой английский.
И всё-таки, я тебя поняла. Очень рада твоим успехам и тронута твоей заботой о бабушке. Ты - замечательная.
Желаю тебе всего самого хорошего. С Рождеством тебя и твоего очень симпатичного мужа. Happy XMAS/