December 30, 2007

And the cats are back!

First off...Some of you don't know that I had the pleasure of taking my two new
kitties to the SPCA of Texas yesterday to get snipped...They were troopers on the way there and were troopers on the way back. They got spayed/neutered, all vaccinations and microchipped. When I got the SPCA, I had to wait an hour because Walker was not yet awake from her anesthesia although Texas Ranger was.

When we got home and let them out of the cage...they were still a bit drunk and stumbled across the room looking for their food and water...and boy....they were hungry.

This morning the cats do not look like they are in pain b/c i picked both of them up and all I heard is their motors turned on "high". They do not like their shredded paper for toilet since they can't use sand for a while but they will get over it.

Last night we went to a friends house to watch a UFC fight...which was great! Then off we went home to least I did....I am not sure if Dave even went to bed last night..all I know is I woke up at 5am and he was gone...

On a bit sadder note...please keep all of the Morels in your prayers today...the whole family is a bit under the weather with tummy aches....


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Laura said...

awww....mommy olga! Those kittens are adorable. I'm glad they're doing well!

In this pic, if you add Elvis and Mimi, you'd be the cat lady, lol!