December 14, 2007

This week seem to have passed by way too quick. The shopping is done, (except for one person) and the house will be clean this weekend in anticipation of our guests for Christmas...Hopefully we will not dirt it up too much before then.

Dave went hunting yesterday but regretful to say, he killed nothing. He said he saw some things but that is it. Maybe next time.

This coming Friday will be a busy day for me....I have 2 parties to attend. TTL is having a party at lunch and Dave's work has a party in the evening on the same day.
I better chop chop and buy the stuff I was told to bring and/or make. We had to buy 2 gag gifts for Dave's party and we have really put some thought into it and outdid ourselves...I think people will like it. The purpose is to fight over the gifts.

Other than that, not much is happening...The kittens are going to SPCA to get snip snipped on Dec 29th...They have some time...I will tell them about this scheme of mine after Christmas.

Love you all,

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