September 16, 2007

Weekend Update!

Promised picture of John & Sharla's wedding!

This weekend has been pretty good in the sense of relaxation..I worked on Saturday morning and then came home to do laundry and about 3 hrs of ironing...which I completed...Thend Dave came home and went went to visit my grandma and to bring her a few goodies....

Sunday isn't yet over but I know it will be busy since I need to clean the entire house today and that takes forever....Also, as soon as Dave comes home, we are going to go and see the baby and give him his 6 months birthday gift...his b-day really isn't until later on in the month but since we'll be vacationing in heavens, we'll miss it...

Dave and I got our regular bands together, polished and ready. They are regular 10K gold bands that we'll exchange on our anniversary! Sometimes you just need a plain ol' band, sometimes wearing the 'rock' is plain hard work! :)

Anyway, that's the update!

Have a good one!
Olga & Dave

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