September 13, 2007

Typical Night

Last night Dave tried a new recipie from our new grilling cook book.
He made mashed potatoes from scratch and Mount Olymus meatballs? They were good, actually better than good, they were super....

Then it was time to pay some bills, do some dishes, take out recycling and sweep the house.....typical night...

I then proceeded to go play some games on the Internet and out of politeness I asked Dave if he wanted to play after me, that was a mistake I made....Because his answer was Yes! I was hoping he would say NO and then go watch TV and that way I did not look like a jerk, but it turned around and bit me in the behind! :) Lesson: Don't be so polite anymore! J/K

From that moment on, Dave became a addict...He played and played and played and then when we went to bed, he got up and went to play some more! :) Ha! and he tells me he is not an addict....

Couple of days ago we went to Jody and Kelly's house to watch the VMA highlights....Britney Spears in my opinion right now is lower than dirt....Ashamed to admit, I used to like her but her behavior and performance left a big hole in my heard....I am no longer a fan, to say the least!

Tuesday night our friends Monica and Mark took us out to On the Border, my favorite restaurant....and we dashed home b/c my parents were dropping off Dave's truck. BTW, Congrats to my parents, they bought a 46 inch plasma TV the other day!

Well, that's all the news! Slow packing and organization will begin this weekend so that we are not rushing on Thursday night!

Love you all,

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