September 20, 2007

Pack Pack Pack!

I am getting really antsy because I am exciting about leaving tomorrow. Our flight is in the morning, around 11am so we don't have to get up at crack of dawn and well be in Miami around 1. We will begin our South Beach Adventures then.....yay! BTW, we are staying in a beautiful Hyatt right on the beach so hooray for that!

Tonight we are going to start packing...I've been meaning to do it all this week but things always come up like you can't pack the clothes you don't I had to do laundry and get everything ready....We did not buy any new clothes for the trip this year because it seemed like we had everything in place.

Dave went to work super early this morning (4am) while I was still snoozing extremely hard to do commercial vehicle inspection...he wants to get 8 of them out of the way so when we get back, all he would have left is 12 more for his certification and his class.

Much still needs to be done before we leave..As I mentioned, we are not packed, we sill need to make a wal mart trip, the yard needs to be mowed and the house picked up...

Well, that's it folks, until tomorrow

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