September 20, 2007

Surgeon Visit!

Visted 2 Sergions today at Lakepointe Hospital in Rockwall...What fun!
Basically, short synopsis of this is a hernia, it's umbellical,
it is not doing any damage, it is tiny, there are no intenstines that are being suffucated
due to this....there is a piece of fat (big piece) in between the hernia and the intenstines.
No heavy lifting, over 15lb, no exercises for the back where I have to do 180 degree stretches, bad for the hernia...all my pains are due to movements and stretches.
Basically I need to alleaviate that from my life for a while.

Both surgeons recommended not to take the hernia out at this time unless it becomes unberable but rather change my lifestyle a bit....If however, these pains come back, then the hernia will be taken out by Dr. Arslander at LakePoint with a matter of a phone call.

Love you all


Laura said...

I meant to ask about how you were feeling. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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