September 06, 2007

Doctors Appt!

Well, I had to call my doctor this morning and see if he could squeeze me in b/c I was tired of a dull pain in my abdomen...Although I am not a stranger to those, I have had many different diagnosis....

Anyway, after a mountain of lipases, Comp Metabolic Panels, mountain of poke-and-release, caugh tests and etc, my doctor really believes in his diagnosis and we will be very problem focuse for 2 weeks.

I had a hernia surgery when I was 7 (In Russia) and the Doc noticed right away that I had corrective surgery...He also said he feels like it is coming apart...the hernia...what do I do? Well, Nothing right now...We are monitoring it right now and I will have a weekly follow up with him for 2 weeks. The pains are tissue related b/c it only hurts when I make certain movements.

Atop of that, My doctor believes I have GERD (Acid Reflux)....For 1 week I will take Zegerid (omeprazole/sodium bicarbonate) and we'll go from there...Although not thrilled about the outcome, I do feel relieved.

The hernia will be left alone for now, b/c we are not 100% sure what is causing the dull pain right now, is it the Acid Reflux or is the hernia? Or is it both? by focusing on the problems we will be able to elimiate it.
The hernia will slowly begin to pertrude from my stomach when it's ready to be fixed. Surgery is a minor one, day surgery at the doc's office and I'll be home for dinner...We will focus more on it after vacation..

anyway, just wanted to give all an update!



Anonymous said...

We wish you all the best, Olga.
And we worry....
I will pray for you...
Love, Mom.

Laura said...

you're in my prayers...:0)