September 07, 2007


Just wanted to update everyone!
All the blood work came back today and the blood is great which eliminates any bacterial/viral causes of my abdominal ache.

I am getting referred to a GI/Surgeon so I will attempt to get an appt next week and begin working on the hernia.

As the day goes by, I realize that GERD might not be the cause. I took simple Maalox this morning which did not help and the pains only occur when I make certain movements (deep stretches, picking up heavy objects and etc) so this leads me and the doc to believe this is tissue/hernia related.....all pains....

We only had about an 1 1/2 hours worth of tests yest and in reality, that is not even a chip on an iceberg in my opinion. Right now I will pretty much do nothing to upset my hernia until I meet with a GI/Surgeon Doc.

Thank You for those who have me in your prayers. I will take this 'illness' slowly and attempt to get a true answer to the pains.....This is not the first doctor who though I may have Acid problems....A russian doctor 2 years ago prescribed Nexium to me which I never took! :) I am pretty sure this all goes back to my 1st hernia reconstruction surgery but until I hear my surgeon speak this words, I won't speculate...Until Later! Take care,


Anonymous said...

We are sure, everything is going to be fine !Mom.

Laura said...

If you need anything, you know you can call me. I'm not too far away! :0)

Love ya!!!