September 10, 2007

A Million Things!

Rain....I like the rain because I don't have to use my sprinklers. I am still in the water conservation mode.....
Rain is also getting on my nerves because I have to leave home early to get to work on time...
Rain is on my other last nerve because when it rains my dog will not go outside at the fear that she might melt so she just does her business on the puppy pad/office! :(

I am trying to loose these darn last 5 lb and they are kicking my weight is like a yoyo....first i am down to 120 and then back to's not that i am trying to loose the 5lb for weight purposes but to just bring my body fat index down to 20%...That's it....

Well, the mail guy is still delivering our mail to the wrong address.. I think he is dislexic....(sp?)Sometimes My mail ends up in Phase 4 of our subdevelopment and I live in Phase 1 (for those who are geographically challenged....that's far away!) :)

It is starting to look sort of likes the light but it does not like the heat so I am moving that darn tree from inside to out like every week. It is going in the office near an open window...and if it dies, than be it...It is so picky and I am currently made at the hibiscus tree and it's bizkits...

Needs to quit screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night...doesn't he get the point that noone is going to get up and give him attention in the middle of the night...not dave and not I care that he is lonely at 2am.....which is why he now sleeps in the garage...his choice actually! I think the 2 dumpsters in the garage keep him entertained.

Well, in an attempt to not look like a crazy girl, I will quit while I am ahead!
Good Day All! :)
Enjoy the rain! :(



Laura said...

Sorry you're going through all that! I hope your days get better!!!

Mimi likes to play at night too. Not cool to be woken up at 2am to the sound of heart starts to race....not young as I used to be.

love ya!!

Monyka said...

Aww, you poor thing, you're driving yourself insane...

put the darn plant next to the rose bush. it'll get enough sun (i have 3 big bushes in the front of the house).

don't think about your weight, it will only increase your cortisol level. it's a catch 22!!

Up grade:

you're going on an amazing vacation pretty soon

you're being careful about your health

You're feeling better!


sounds stressful, think about that vacation
you look great