August 10, 2007

A Busy Bee!

Howdy Everyone!
It's been a few crazy/busy days! I've been running around trying to get things done this week!

I got rid of Allstate as my insurance agent for the cars and went with Geico. I increased my insurance by 4x (which is great news) and saved $650/every 6 months versus Allstate.

With Allstate my policy was $1350 and with Geico (with 4x more insurance) it is only $700 for a 6 months policy.....did I mention outstanding customer service from Geico!
I left the house insurance with Allstate for now since Geico does not give multiple policy discounts and Allstate did not change my price since I pulled out the car policy! Anyway, needless to say, it was easy to do and pleasant to deal with Geico....Allstate however was grouchy!

I got some laundry done this week which is super, but more piled on, so never mind!

Dave came and ate with my last night when I was at the gym, he brought me Chick Fil A for dinner! He is so sweet!

Also, my sister posted a wonderful video of baby Sasha eating vegetables for the first time! You should watch it!

Love you all,

Check out this video: Sasha eating his veggies for the 1st time

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:-) smart!

Laura said...

oh how cute...:0) such a good baby for eating his veggies!